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Boys 1st Birthday Tray Happy 1st Birthday 12" Latex Balloons of 8 Count 1st Birthday Blue Confetti
The 1st birthday tray is made of a thin plastic material and measures nine (9) inches wide by one and a half (1 1/2) inches deep by thirteen and a half (13 1/2) inches long. Inside the tray features a little baby feet design. Use the adorable blue Plastic Baby's 1st Birthday Tray for a table centerpiece or a decorative way to hold snacks and goodies. Your little bouncing baby is turning 1 and it's time to celebrate. Make your little boys first birthday unforgettable with the 1st Birthday Tray. Make sure to check out our 1st birthday category for more party supplies that we have to offer. Comes one (1) thin plastic tray. Happy 1st Birthday 12 Inch Latex Balloons that are helium quality, or if you fill with air use a good hand pump. The balloons are made of 100% natural rubber latex so they're biodegradable. These Party Mate Quality Latex Balloons are made in the U.S.A. Please make sure to stretch the balloons before inflating and do not overfill balloons so they don't pop. The manufacturer uses different color balloons of blue, red, yellow, green, orange, pink, black and white. Please note that the manufacturer fills each package with random color balloons. Colors will vary from picture shown in your package. Each package could have only two (2) and up to four (4) colors total. Also please note that design on stars and swirls could vary from picture shown. You'll receive eight (8) latex balloons total. Besides filling these balloons with helium to create bouquets, you can fill these with air and make centerpieces, banners or wall decor. Make a banner by using a long piece of string and tie each balloon to the string. Check out all our solid color latex balloons to mix and match for your upcoming Birthday Party! Comes eight (8) latex balloons in package total. This metallic 1st birthday blue confetti features blue and gold foil cutouts of cakes, balloons, swirls, and the words "1st Birthday". Each piece of confetti measures a half (1/2) inch with some smaller pieces. Confetti is made of metallic material and comes half (1/2) ounce in package total, which is enough to cover around four (4) tables. The 1st Birthday-Blue Confetti is the perfect item to wish your baby boy a happy birthday. This confetti is sure to be a hit with your little birthday boy and all your guests. Another fun way to use the confetti would be to fill the envelopes of the invitations to your party with a small handful; your guests will love this special touch and get excited for your party once they open the envelopes. Check out all our other party supplies that we have to offer for your upcoming first birthday party! Comes half (1/2) ounce of confetti in package total.
Blue 1st Birthday Mini Cascade Centerpiece Blue 1st Birthday Pennant Banner My 1st Birthday Blue Rosette Ribbon
The Blue 1st Birthday Mini Cascade Centerpiece stands seven and a half (7 1/2) inches tall and is made of blue and silver metallic fringe. The centerpiece has printed 1st Birthday icons made of card stock material that are attached to the metallic fringes. Each icon cutout measures one (1) inches by two (2) inches. The 1st Birthday Cascade Centerpiece is a free standing centerpiece that comes with a plastic base that easily attaches to the bottom. Make your baby's 1st birthday special by using the 1st Birthday Mini Cascade Centerpiece. Be sure it will be a 1st birthday he will never forget. Check out all our 1st birthday party supplies that we have to offer. Comes one (1) mini centerpiece in package total. Wow, where did that first year go? Celebrate the 1st birthday of your little one using this 1st Birthday Pennant Banner to decorate for the big party! Each pennant flag is printed one side on plastic material and measures eleven (11) inches tall. There are twelve (12) pennant flags on string and can be used indoors or outdoors (All-Weather). The banner measures a total of twelve (12) feet long and ready to hang. This blue banner is a perfect hanging decoration for your baby boy at his first birthday party. Go all out for this special birthday with all the 1st birthday accessories you can find. Check out our 1st birthday category for more party supplies that we have to offer. Comes one (1) pennant banner in package total. Show the world who's finally one year old with the My 1st Birthday Blue Rosette Ribbon! The rosette award ribbon is a metal button covered in blue fabric that features red and blue words that say "My 1st Birthday" and star graphics. This rosette ribbon measures three and a quarter (3 1/4) inches wide by six in a half (6 1/2) inches long. On the back of the ribbon there is a safety pin attached so that the ribbon can be worn. The birthday boy will look great with this satiny blue award ribbon pinned on his shirt. Give this ribbon to the birthday boy for a gift that his parents can save for him for many years. Check out all our party supplies that we have to offer for your First Birthday Party! Comes one (1) award ribbon on hang tab.
Boys 1st Birthday Photo Fun Signs of 14 Count Blue 1st Birthday Whirls of 5 Count Boys 1st Birthday Cutouts of 8 Count
These 1st Birthday Photo Fun Signs are printed two sides on card stock material. They're printed on both sides with different designs and different colors. One side is a blue, grey, and white color scheme and the other is yellow, grey, and white. Features signs of everything you’ll need to celebrate your baby’s first milestone including a piece of cake, a bib, a crown, and so much more! The props range in size from three (3) inches to ten (10) inches. You'll receive fourteen (14) pieces total. Just choose a prop, hold it up to your face and take the picture! Create lasting memories with the 1st Birthday Photo Fun Signs. They’re great for your son’s first birthday party to create one of a kind pictures that you can cherish for a lifetime. You can also hang up these fun signs as decorations to a wall or door. Make sure to check out all our other party supplies that we have to offer for your first birthday party. Comes fourteen (14) fun signs in package total.
The icons are printed on both sides and made of card stock material of five (5) that feature 1st Birthday. The icons measure six and a half (6 1/2) inches. Each icon is attached to a shiny matching color metallic whirl. Whirls hang down forty (40) inches total with icons attached. These will put the party mood in place for your guest and hang these whirls around your party room, over a door or table. You need to have a first birthday party like no other, so go all out with your decorations. It's your baby boys 1st Birthday! Celebrate this milestone in your child's life with the Blue 1st Birthday Whirls. Check out our 1st birthday category for more party supplies that we have to offer. Comes five (5) whirls in package total. These 1st birthday cutouts are printed both sides on card stock material of eight (8) total. The cutouts are printed on one side with blue and the other side is yellow. The cutouts range in size from seven (7) inches to sixteen (16) inches. The party supply features an assortment of cutouts of a crown, a party hat, several different “1st” numbers, a cake, and balloons that read “Happy 1st Birthday” across them. The 1st Birthday Cutouts are perfect for decorating your baby boy’s very first birthday party! Celebrate their major milestone by hanging them on the walls or doors to add a splash of color to your decorations. Be sure to check out our 1st birthday category for more party supplies that we have to offer. Comes eight (8) cutouts in package total.
Blue 1st Birthday High Chair Decoration Kit 1st Birthday Party Blue Canopy
The blue 1st birthday high chair kit includes a plastic floor mat that will catch those inevitable cake crumbs falling from the high chair and features a blue and gray color scheme with the phrase "happy little boy 1st big birthday!" and measures thirty (30) inches by forty six (46) inches. The second item included in the kit is a photo frame, perfect for catching that ever delightful 1-year old smile. It is white card stock and printed with the same phrasing as the mat, also in the blue and gray colors and measures twelve (12) inches by seventeen (17) inches. The third item is a blue felt crown announces "big 1st Birthday" front and center, along with blue and gray polka dots. The fourth item is a four (4) foot printed card stock pennant streamer contains alternating flags with "1st" and blue, gray, and white polka dots. The final coordinating item is a card stock sign with "1st" printed in dark blue, against a background of light blue with multiple blue, white, and gray polka dots and measures seven and three quarter (7 3/4) inches by twelve and a half (12 1/2) inches. Simple assembly is required. This adorably blue decorating kit will cover your area from ceiling to floor with an assortment of blue themed 1st Birthday items. All items are color-coordinated, and will help you create a most memorable birthday party for your little boy! Check out our 1st birthday category for more party supplies that we have to offer. Comes one (1) high chair kit total in package. This 1st Birthday Blue Party Canopy consists of blue tissue garland and a printed card stock 1st Birthday sign dangles below the tissue ball. All of these items are joined at the top, in the center of a printed card stock sign declaring "Happy 1st Birthday" on the two long sides, and "1st Birthday" on the two short sides. Balloons and Table Decorations are NOT included with canopy. Simply hang the canopy box from a ceiling and let the individual decorations fall down. It can cover an area up to 20 by 20 feet when you extend the garland. The party canopy is a great way to decorate a room quickly and easily and will surely catch your attention. Provide the perfect accent to your gift or cake table with this quick and easy party canopy. Check out all our party supplies that we have to offer in our 1st birthday category. Comes one (1) canopy in package total.