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100ct Monsters Party Stickers

Monsters Party Roll of 100 Stickers. Assorted of 4 Different Styles & Colors. Size: 1 1/2" inches each piece.

Price: $2.49
100ct Super Hero Name/Tag Labels

Super Hero Roll Name/Tag Labels Assortment of 100 Total Labels. Assortment of 6 styles & colors. Size: 3 1/2" x 2 1/4". These adhesive paper name tags are perfect for loot bags, events, field trips or classroom.

Price: $4.99
100ct Super Hero Stickers

Super Hero Roll of 1 1/2" Assortment Stickers of 100 Total. Sayings of Wham! Kapow! Smash! Boom! Bam and Zap. Decorations can include these fun stickers with popular superhero sayings and graphics. Also perfect for school, superhero chore charts, and more!

Price: $2.50
10ct Skeleton Hand Treat Bags

These skeleton hand bags will be great to fill with party favors, candies, cookies or popcorn you want to pass out! They are sturdy plastic and come ten (10) in package total and includes twist ties. Each bag is printed two sides and measures nine and a half (9 1/2) inches wide by eleven (11) inches tall. Get these bags to send home a spooky favor with each kid! Skeleton Hand Treat Bags are a must for your Pirate or Halloween party!

Price: $2.50
10ct Video Game 8-Bit Mini Cutouts

Video Game 8-Bit Themed Mini Cut Outs printed two sides on a light card stock and each cutout measures range from four (4) inches to four and a half (4 1/2) inches. Ten (10) Mini 8-Bit Cutouts in Package Total. The two (2) cutouts not pictured are a solid yellow star and a solid red heart that you will receive. Decorate with these cutouts and hang them from the ceiling by using fishing wire for a Video Game Theme Look! Also great for a 1980's theme party.

Price: $2.10
11" Plush Bean Mickey Mouse

11" Plush Bean Mickey Mouse

Price: $9.99
12ct Airpalnes Polester Bags

Airplanes Polyester With Cotton Drawstring Bags of 12 Pieces. Assorted of 2 styles & colors. Size: 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" each bag. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags, Prizes or Incentives.

Price: $10.00
12ct Airplanes Hanging Swirls

12ct Airplanes 25" Hanging Swirls. Pennants size of 5 3/4" - 7 7/8" x 10" x 11" plane and clouds.

Price: $5.99
12ct Airplanes Self-Inflate Balloons

Airplanes 6" Self-Inflate Mylar Balloons Assortment of 12 Pieces. Smash the packet inside to activate inflation. Great use for decorations or favors for each kid.

Price: $9.49
12ct Black Paper Party Bags

Black Paper Party Bags 12 Quantity. Size: 10 inches X 5.25 Inches.

Price: $1.99
12ct Flying Fist

Plastic Assorted Colors Flying Fist of 12 pieces. Size: 6". Throw punches the fun way with these assorted flying fists. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags or Prizes.

Price: $6.45
12ct Horseshoe Magnets

Metal Rugged Horseshoes with Metal Bars of 12 Pieces. Size: 1.25 inches each piece. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags, Magic Trick or Prizes. Teacher Class Room Prizes, Incentives & Projects.

Price: $6.99
12ct Invisible Ink Markers

Top Secret Invisible Ink Markers Assortment of 12 Packs. Includes: 1 white marker & 1 blue or green marker in each pack. Size: 5.5 inches each piece. Write your invisible message with the white markers then reveal it with the blue or green marker. Use as magic trick before guest arrive with the white marker on 9 separate small pieces of paper and number 0 to 9 on each paper (Make sure you code other side so you know what number it is). When guest arrive to your party have one of them verbally choose a number from 0 to 9 and give them the coded paper of that number with a blue or green marker to reveal the number and magically that number they picked will amaze them! (Use slight of hand so guest see only one sheet of paper instead of all 9). Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags, Games or Prizes. Teacher Class Room Prizes, Incentives & Projects.

Price: $8.50
12ct Large War Plane Gliders

Large Foam War Plane Gliders of 12 Pieces. Size: 16" each piece with simple assemble required. Assortment of 4 styles of war planes. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags, Prizes or Incentives.

Price: $14.99
12ct Magic Coin Tricks

Plastic Magic Coin Tricks of 12 Pieces. Amaze your guest with your coin disappearing. Size: 4 inches each piece. Includes Instructions. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags, Prizes.

Price: $3.99
12ct Magic Color Paper

12ct Magic Color Scratch Paper of 12 Total. The colors magically appear on this paper as you scratch. Write or draw anything you want. Includes 12 magic paper & scratching tools. Size: 6" x 8 1/2".

Price: $7.99
12ct Magic Worms

Magic Worms of 12 Pieces. Give the string a little pull and watch the magic worm crawl all over the place! Each 8" chenille worm comes with a clear string. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags, Magic Trick or Prizes.

Price: $8.99
12ct Magician Wands

Magic Wands of 12 Pieces. Abracadabra! If you’re going to perform magic you’ll need one of these Magic Wands. Size: 10.5 inches each piece. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags, Magic Trick, prop for costume or Prizes.

Price: $8.50
12ct Mini Magic Digicubes

Plastic Mini Magic Digicubes of 12 Pieces. Can you solve the brain teaser from this magic cube? Size: 1.5 inches each piece. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags and Prizes.

Price: $9.99
12ct Mixed Nut Joke Cans

Tricky "Mixed Nuts" Plastic Cans of 12 Pieces. Size: 4 inches each can & 10" coiled spring "snake". Place these cans on each table at a birthday party, wedding or event and see how many people you can fool. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags or just for fun.

Price: $13.99
12ct Monsters Drawstring Backbacks

Monsters Party 12" x 15" Nonwoven Polyester Drawstring Backpacks Assortment of 12 Pieces. These adorable monsters are ready for duty carrying around all your party supplies and school supplies. Featuring colorful, friendly faces, each drawstring backpack is large enough to hold a change of clothes, swim gear and towel, or activities for traveling. Use as party favor bags at your next birthday party and send guests home with novelties and other goodies to remember your event.

Price: $16.99
12ct Monsters Favor Bags

Monsters Party Mini Paper Favor/Gift Bags 4 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" with 5" Nylon Handles of 12 Pieces. Assortment of 4 Different Style Monsters & Colors.

Price: $5.99
12ct Monsters Foam Mask

Monsters Party 6 1/2" to 7 1/2" Foam Mask Assortment of 12 Pieces With Elastic Bands. Includes: ghoul, vampire, pumpkin, black cat, werewolf, witch, mummy, ghost, green monster, devil, bat or skeleton. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags or Prizes.

Price: $6.49
12ct Monsters Mask Craft Kit

Monsters Party Foam Mask Craft Kit. Each with an elastic band. All the pieces in the craft kit are pre-cut for simple assembly. 7" All craft kit pieces are pre-packaged for individual use. Kits include instructions and extra pieces. Age Recommendation 8 years & up. Containing many pieces of all shapes and sizes and made from a variety of different sturdy materials, some of which include sharp edges or points, including glass beads, ceramics or metals. Activity may require weaving, beadwork, knotting or special glue. Makes 12 Mask. Keep the kids busy with this craft project for party or classroom.

Price: $7.49
12ct Monsters Paper Glasses

Monsters Party Paper Glasses of 12 Pieces. Assortment of 4 Different Monsters Styles & Colors. Size: 6 1/2" x 5" with 5 1/2" ear pieces. Great for Party, theme or classroom fun.

Price: $5.99
12ct Monsters Party Hanging Decorations

12ct Monsters Party 30" Paper Swirls Hanging Decorations Assortment Of 4 Different Style Monsters & Colors

Price: $5.99
12ct Monsters Photo Stick Props

Monsters Party Paper Photo Stick Props of 12 Pieces. Assortment of 12 Different Props. Size: 1 1/2" - 8 1/2" x 2" - 4 1/4. Great for party, theme or classroom fun.

Price: $6.99
12ct Monsters Sticker Scenes

Monsters Party Paper 11" x 8" Craft Stickers of 12 Sheets and 12 Backgrounds. Great party or classroom craft project for kids to create their own goofy monsters.

Price: $5.99
12ct Monsters Stickers

Monsters Party Stickers of 12 Sheets With 23 Assorted Stickers Per Sheet. Size Range 1/2" to 2 1/2" each sticker.

Price: $4.99
12ct Monsters Wind-Up Chomping Teeth

Monsters Party Plastic Wind-Up Chomping Teeth Assortment of 12 Pieces. Size: 1 3/4" inches each piece. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags or Prizes.

Price: $9.99
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