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Gold 3-D Foil Hanging Star

The star comes flat and it twists and turns into a beautiful 3-D star and printed both sides on card stock and measures twelve (12) inches. The decoration works best by hanging the decoration using the hole at the top of the star to run string through. The Gold 3-D Foil Hanging Star would be a great decoration for a many different theme parties! These are great decorations to hang from your ceiling at you're next party.

Price: $1.50
Gold Star Beads Necklace

This Beaded Necklace has one (1) inch gold star beads separated by small round gold beads and this necklace is made of molded plastic and painted in metallic gold that measures thirty-three (33) inches. This Necklace is perfect a Hollywood theme party, give them to your guests gifts at a gold star New Years party event or Graduation Party!

Price: $1.69
Black And Gold Clings

Get ready for a Hollywood themed party anytime you want just by decorating with the Star Clings. Use the Star Clings to decorate windows and mirrors for a Hollywood/New Years party. The Star Clings come on a sheet that contains thirty six (36) black and gold stars. The stars on the sheet range in size from a star that is one (1) inch to a star that is six (6) inches. The Star Clings can be repositioned once they are placed.

Price: $1.85
Silver Stars Confetti

The Silver Star Confetti consists of silver metallic stars that range in different sizes, size of Confetti is between half a (1/2) inch and one (1) inch with small pieces being smaller and 1/2 ounce in package total. Make an event come to life by decorating each of the tables with the Silver Star Confetti. Silver Star Confetti is a perfect decoration because it can be used for lots of different themes.

Price: $1.95
Awards Night Confetti

Award Night Confetti includes pieces of black and gold metallic foil pieces of confetti in the shape of stars, spirals and dots. Confetti made of plastic metallic material and half (1/2) ounce in package total. The confetti mix is perfect for table decorations at your next Awards Night, Hollywood Party, New Year's, Casino Night, or Graduation.

Price: $1.95
Movie Night Confetti

The Movie Night Confetti includes red boxes of popcorn, gold boxes of popcorn, black movie reels with film, and multi-color stars. You'll receive a half ounce package of Movie Night Confetti and the confetti pieces range in size of a half (1/2) inch to one (1) inch, with smaller pieces of confetti too. The Movie Night Confetti is made of a plastic metallic material. Gather around all your friends and throw a movie night! Use this Movie Night Confetti to sprinkle on your tables for some added fun to your movie night.

Price: $1.95
Gold Stars Confetti

Liven up your celebration by decorating with the Gold Stars Confetti. The Gold Star Confetti is the perfect decoration that can be used to decorate party tables and counter tops. The Gold Star Confetti can be used for lots of different events such as New Year's, birthday, and Hollywood party just to name a few. Stars are a fun decoration that will really show up on a dark colored party table. Change the looks of the party tables by alternate the colors by also using the Silver Star Confetti.Size of Confetti is between 1/2 inch and 1 inch with some pieces being smaller, comes in a 1/2 ounce package.

Price: $1.95
Gold Foil Awards Night Star

Gold Awards Night Star printed both sides on gold foil card stock and measures twelve (12) inches tall. Make your party guests feel special by writing in their real name. decorate the walls with the personalized Gold Foil Awards Night Stars and make your guests feel like a movie star. You could hang this star on your door or attach it to a string and use it as a hanging decoration.

Price: $1.99
Black Theatrical Gloves

It's Theater Time! Show just how sophisticated you can be with the Theatrical Black Gloves. Made of polyester material, these Theatrical Black Gloves are just what your special occasion calls for. Theatrical Gloves comes in one size which fits most of one (1) pair. These gloves would go great with an elegant movie or awards night themed outfit! Comes with one (1) pair of gloves in package total.

Price: $1.99
Movie Set Stringer

. You will really set the scene at your next movie or awards themed party by decorating with the Movie Set Stringer. The stringer consist of clapboards, camcorders, and movie reels all essential items for a movie party. The Movie Set Stringer contains nine (9) icons that are strung together making a six and a half (6 1/2) foot decoration. Each icon is printed on two sides, with a black and white color pattern. This stringer comes to you completly assembled so you won't have to worry about putting anything together.

Price: $2.00
Gold Hanging Metallic Leaf Starburst

The Gold Hanging Metallic Leaf Starburst measures sixteen (16) inches across and made of flame resistant material. The gold leaf starburst folds flat for easy storage. Don't forget to decorate your mantle, your tables, and even your ceiling with this Gold Metallic Leaf Starbursts! This item can be used to decorate various types of holidays and special occasions, from New Year’s Eve and birthdays to Mardi Gras.

Price: $2.10
10 Count STAR Cutouts

If you're having a Hollywood themed party and looking for something extra to decorate your tables, place cards, coasters or even make a star stringer by connecting them all together, the possibilities are endless. Each measuring five (5) inches and they are printed on both sides of a card stock material. These cutouts would match perfect with our other Hollywood tableware. Comes ten (10) star cutouts in package total.

Price: $2.10
10ct Movie Set Cutouts

Lights! Camera! Action!! throwing a Hollywood themed party and looking for that something special for your table decorations or even additions to party favors. Look no further than the Mini Movie Set Cutouts if you are throwing a Hollywood themed party and looking for that something special for your table decorations or even wall decorations. These cutouts come ten (10) in package total, each measuring between four and a half (4 1/2) inches to five (5) inches in length. All cutouts are printed on both sides and made of a cardstock material.

Price: $2.10
7" Plates Hollywood Lights

Use the Hollywood Lights Dessert Plates at your next Hollywood, Awards Night, or Red Carpet party. Set a piece of cake on these plates, some fruit, or small finger sandwiches whatever you choose these 7" plates are perfect for small dishes. The Hollywood Dessert Plates are made of coated paper, and measure seven (7) inches. The dessert plate is a black plate with white stars, and white lights beaming up through it, and the phrase Hollywood Lights is written in gold and they match great with our other hollywood party decorations. Come eight (8) plates in package total.

Price: $2.49
Beverage Napkins Hollywood

These Hollywood Lights Beverage Napkins are great to give to your guests while drinking a beverage. You can also provide them with the Hollywood Lights Beverage Napkins when they go for the desserts; like cake or fruit. The beverage napkin measures five (5) inches by five (5) inches, and when opened measures ten (10) inches by ten (10) inches. The Hollywood Lights Beverage Napkins are printed on one side with the HOLLYWOOD Lights design that match great with many of our other decorations. You get sixteen (16) napkins in package total.

Price: $2.49
50 Count Movie Set Picks

Movie Set Picks come in a package that contains (5) different designs that include a film strip, projection light, camcorder, ticket, and clapboard of white flags printed in black ink on both sides. The Movie Set Picks each measure two and a half (2 1/2) inches tall and each flag is one and a half (1 1/2) inches wide attached to wooden toothpick and package contains fifty (50) picks in assorted designs total. Decorate cupcakes, appetizer or snacks and finish each one by adding one of the Movie Set Picks for a fun touch. Comes fifty (50) pick in package total.

Price: $2.50
Gold Glitz N Gleam Bow Tie

Gold Bow Tie is four (4) inches tall and seven (7) inches wide and includes an elastic band already attached. Bow Tie is made of fabric and gold metallic sequins. Can you tie a bow tie? Forget learning how to, just throw on this this Glitz N Gleam Sequined Bow Tie and you'll surely get everyone's attention at the next office party. This Glitz 'N Gleam Bow Ties can be worn as a novelty tie when you want to get noticed or as part of a costume accessory. Comes one (1) bow in package total.

Price: $2.50
Star Hand Prints Peel N Place

You know you're a real star when you've been recognized in cement. So what better way to show off your fame then with a Star Handprint Peel N Place. This is great for Hollywood themed parties, proms, awards night, or anytime it would be fun to recognize somebody special. These handprints can even be personalized with a permanent marker, because you can't have yourself immortalized in cement without signing your name! This peel n place measure twelve (12) inches by fifteen (15) inches.

Price: $2.50
9 Count Hollywood Picks

Are you planning on appetizers at your next Hollywood theme party? Then you'll want to pick up some extra-special food picks like the Hollywood Picks. They also make perfect decorations for a sheet cake or even individual cupcakes. Mix them up with some of our equally adorable Movie Set Picks to really get your Hollywood theme across your buffet table. Each pick measures two (2) inches tall and is made of plastic. Comes nine (9) picks in package total.

Price: $2.50
50 Count Award Night Picks

Having a Hollywood party means that everything including the food has to be picture perfect. Dress up cupcakes and finger foods instantly by adding the Awards Night Picks. The picks have a starry backdrop and a gold male statuette. The picks are double sided atached to a wooden stick and measures two and a half (2-1/2) inches in length. Everyone will love the cute Awards Night Picks. Comes ffity (50) picks in package total.

Price: $2.50
Star Peel N Place

The Star Peel-N-Plac can be used for so many different party themes, not to mention that it looks beutiful. If you are hosting any kind of Hollywood or awards theme party, prom theme, or event you need to pick up some of these to decorate your house to match your party theme. For an extra special touch write in guests names on the star with a permanent marker so they feel like a real superstar. They can be used on the floor, walls, window, or anywhere you can find a smooth flat surface. Each decal measures eleven and one fourth (11-1/4) inches by eleven and a half (11-1/2) inches.

Price: $2.50
6ct Diamond Beads Gold

Going to a party and need something to add some excitement to your outfit? Then try these Diamond Beads! Add some sparkle and shine to your next party outfit with these fun beads. These Diamond Beads would match perfect to any kind of party.

Price: $2.69
Action! Cut! Megaphone

Become the director at your next party with an Action! Cut! Megaphone. A great item for a Hollywood themed parties, just hang it around your neck with the attached string. And if you're willing to share the limelight, you can give one to your guests as a party favor. Or you can use them as decorations, just place them around the room to add to your Hollywood decor. This megaphones made of plastic and measures six (6) inches long.

Price: $2.79
Gold Star Stringer 6 1/2 Feet Long

Decorate for those special occasions with the Gold Metallic Star Stringer. Include these Gold Metallic Star Stringers in your Awards Ceremony decorations for around the venue. Transform any event venue into a fabulous Awards Night with these Hollywood themed party supplies. The stars are made of a metallic material. This will be the most fabulous Awards Ceremony when you add all of the Hollywood decor. Measures seventy eight (78) inches Long by five (5) inches Wide. One stringer in package total.

Price: $2.79
Black Star Stringer 6 1/2 Feet Long

Decorate for those special occasions with the Black Metallic Star Stringer. Include these Black Metallic Star Stringers in your Awards Ceremony decorations for around the venue. Transform any event venue into a fabulous Awards Night with these Hollywood themed party supplies. The stars are made of a metallic material. This will be the most fabulous Awards Ceremony when you add all of the Hollywood decor. Measures seventy eight (78) inches Long by five (5) inches Wide. One stringer in package total.

Price: $2.79
30ct Blank Prize Tickets

The Blank Prize tickets are printed on one side, each ticket is two and a half (2-1/2) inches tall by five (5) inches wide and thirty (30) blank prize tickets in package total. The ticket reads, "And the Winner Is...." A blank space is provided for your guest to write in their name. You would rip this off, and have a ticket stub. Throw all the stubs in a Black Top Hat. Then your guest would have the Prize Ticket to hold onto for when or if their name was pulled, and called out. Or you could write in the item the guest won in the blank space provided under the words "Prize Ticket." And attach this part of the ticket to their prize.

Price: $2.79
3-D Awards Night Centerpiece

You deserve an award for all of your fun decorations that you put out for your Hollywood party including the 3-D Award Night Centerpiece. The 3-D Award Night Centerpiece is decorated to resemble a gold male statue. The centerpiece is made from paper card stock material and measures twelve (12) inches tall. Easy assembly with instructions printed on the back of the packaging.

Price: $2.79
13ct Awards Night Ballots

Host your awards presentation with these Awards Night Ballots that measure three (3) inches by five (5) inches and are printed on both sides of a card stock material. Thirteen (13) pieces in package total; 12 ballots and one (1) "And the winner is..." a reversible ballot envelope. Make your Awards Night special and memorable with these ballots. See our other Hollywood decorations to make your theme party the best!

Price: $2.79
8 Count Gold Star Picks

Glam is what you will have when you decorate the cupcakes at your Hollywood party or New Years with these Gold Star Picks. The picks are three (3) inches from the top of the star to the bottom of the plastic pick, which is attached to each gold star. These picks are sure to make your guests feel special when they see them on their cupcakes. When you order the Gold Star Picks you will be receiving eight (8) star picks in package total.

Price: $2.79
2 Beads Awards Night

Give your guests some serious bling bling for your next Hollywood or Awards Night theme party by using Awards Night Beads-Of-Expression as the night’s party favor. These Awards Night Beads-Of-Expression is a wonderful accessory that is thirty-six (36) inches long. Guaranteed to have everyone feeling like a star with this around his or her neck Awards Night Beads-Of-Expression comes with two metallic finished necklaces in the colors of black and gold. Each necklace has beads spelling out “Awards Night” with alternating beads of clapboard, movie reel, and stars.

Price: $2.79
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