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Smile Face Cutout

This smile face decoration is perfect for any 1960's party, your guests will have flashbacks of the 60's when they see this iconic symbol. Smile Face Cutout printed both sides on card stock and measures Thirteen and a half (13 1/2) inches. Great decor for your theme party to tape on a wall or door. Also since printed both sides you can hang these from the ceiling with fishing wire.

Price: $1.15
Fern Leaf Headband

Transform into a festive Polynesian dancer with the Tropical Fern Leaf Headband. It measures twenty (20) inches and will fit most adults. The Tropical Fern Leaf Headband is made of soft green silk fern leaves making it easy and comfortable to wear on your head. A Tropical Fern Leaf Headband is perfect for a luau party or even a jungle theme party. The green leaves on this headband are made of a strong fabric.

Price: $1.49
1960's Stickers

1960's Stickers comes 4 sheets in package. Each sheet measures four and three quarters (4 3/4) inches by seven and a half (7 1/20 inches for a total of thirty six (36) stickers. Add this item to your 1960's theme party. There are three (3) different designs that come on this sticker sheet, a peace sign, a flower and a smiley face all iconic symbols of the 1960's.

Price: $1.79
Peace Sign Confetti

Top off your 60's hippie decorating with these Fanci-Fetti Peace Signs. Perfect for sprinkling over a table, or even putting a small handful in each invitation as a surprise for your guests. This Fanci-Fetti Peace Sign package contains one (1) ounce of foil confetti in the shape of peace signs that measures a quarter (1/4) of an inch, the confetti is made of a metallic plastic. There is enough confetti in the bag to cover up to six (6) tables!

Price: $1.95
Weed Confetti

Are you celebrating 4/20? Are you having some people over or going to a friend's house to celebrate 420? Sprinkle some of this Fanci-Fetti Weed around to set the mood for the party! It's a shiny green color and the package comes with one (1) ounce of this green fanci-fetti. This is one ounce that won't get you into trouble with the law! Every fern leaf measures about three quarters (3/4) inch.

Price: $1.95
Fern Leaf Lei

For a less-flowery luau lei try the Tropical Fern Leaf Lei. It's crafted from alternating green fabric leaves and green plastic separators. A Tropical Fern Leaf Lei looks great on both men and women, but men in particular may prefer it over a more feminine floral lei. Wear the Tropical Fern Leaf lei to a luau party or at a beach party. The Fren Leaf Lei is made of a silk fabric material and measures fofrty (40) inches.

Price: $1.99
Weed Beads

Show off your love for the green by wearing these Weed Beads at your 420 party. These green plastic beads show that you really are ready for the 4/20 festivities. The beaded necklace measures forty (40) inches long and features four larger cannabis leaves. Show off these beads around your friend the next time you decide to kick back and relax.

Price: $1.99
4 Count Neon Swing Horns New Years

These Neon Swing Horns are great for any occasion, from birthdays to New Years. These horns are brightly colored in green, pink, yellow, and orange. They can be used for a 60's hippie themed party or the New Years Neon Swing Party. The Neon Swing Horns are great to have to make noise and for party favors. The bright color will definitely attract many people. Each horn measure nine (9) inches gin length. Comes four (4) horns in package total.

Price: $2.25
1960's Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Medallion

Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Medallion is white plastic beads with molded tie-dyed Peace Sign printed one side and measures thirty-six (36) inches long (when unconnected), eighteen (18) inches long (when beads connected). Complete your hippie outfit with these Beads or travel back in time by hosting a 60s theme party and wear the Beads with Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Medallion that measures three (3) inches in diameter.

Price: $2.29
Tie Dye Bandana

Spread the peace and good vibes when you sport this colorful Tie-Dyed Bandanna. It is printed with tie dye on one side and white on the back. You don't need to be a hippie to wear this on your head or wrap it around your arm. Combine this bring bandanna with our other tie dye decorations and party supplies for a 60's Hippie Theme Party. This bandanna is made of 100% polyester and measures twenty two (22) inches tall by twenty two (22) inches wide. Come one bandanna loose on tag.

Price: $2.29
Retro Flowers Hippie Centerpiece

The Retro Flowers Pop-Over Centerpiece has all of the bright psychedelic colors anyone could imagine would have been on everything during the 60s and is printed on both sides with tissue balls outline the top and measures ten (10) inches wide and six (6) inches tall. Your guests won't forget the chill time you have, as long as these centerpieces are there for everyone to admire. This centerpiece is made of card stock and tissue.

Price: $2.50
20ct Fern Leaves

Are you feeling a little burnt out lately and decided to throw a relaxing party; decorate your tables with the Tropical Fern Leaves. Twenty (20) leaves come per package, each measures four and a half (4 1/2) inches. Made of a poly-blend fabric material, they can be reused as decorations again and again.

Price: $2.50
50ct Weed Picks

Enjoying some "special" brownies for a 4/20 party? Sticking one of these Weed Picks in them is a great way to get excited about a 420 party. These picks measure two and a half (2.5) inches and have a piece of paper with a cannabis leaf on it. There are 50 picks in the package total.

Price: $2.50
Peace Sign Peel N Place

Transform your room with the Peace Sign Wall Cling resembling the peace and tie-dye trademarks of the 60s era. The Peace Sign Wall Cling is easy to use; place the cling on a clean, dry surface and smooth over with your hands. Anyone that walks into this room will instantly know that you were once, or are currently, a hippie and would prefer to walk around barefoot and relax in this room instead of stressing over work. The Cling sheet measures twelve (12) inches tall by eleven and a half (11-1/2) inches wide.

Price: $2.50
Peace Sign Party Tape

Get ready for your big gig by decorating with this far out Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Party Tape. See if your friends and family can dig it when they show up for your hippie theme party or celebration decorated with this Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Party Tape. One peace sign party tape in package total. The peace sign party tape measures three (3) inches wide by twenty (20) feet long. This party tape is made of an all weather poly material that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Price: $2.79
8ct Peace Sign 9" Paper Plates

With these plates it will defiantly turn your party into the best 60's party ever. Package is sold with eight (8) total plates and each plate measures nine (9)-inches with a bright Tie-Dyed affect. In the center of this plate there is a large white Peace Sign. Must have for your 1960's theme party! These plates are made of a coated paper material.

Price: $2.99
16ct Tie-Dyed Lunch Napkins

These 2-ply Tie-Dyed Lunch Napkins are sold sixteen (16) in package total and each lunch napkin opened measures (12.875) inches by (12.875) inches and folded each lunch napkin measures (6½) inches by (6½) inches comes to you. Pair these napkins with our Peace Sign Lunch Plates for the ultimate 1960's theme party. These napkins will really add to the feel of your next 1960's party.

Price: $2.99
1960's Printed Table Runner

Check out this groovy Printed 60's Table Runner! It measures eleven (11) inches by six (6) feet and is made of coated paper, with tassels on either end. his colorful tableware decoration contains assortment of colors displayed on the table runner such as: purple, blue, yellow, green, and cerise. This Printed 60's Table Runner can be used at a Hippie theme party, or any table that you may want to brighten.

Price: $2.99
Tie Dye Banner

If you are throwing a 60's Hippie theme party or a tie-dye party, make sure you hang up the Tie-Dyed Pennant Banner. This banner can be used indoors or out, so you can either hang it along your ceiling, or put it up outside where you plan on tie-dying. The Tie-Dyed Pennant Banner is printed on one side and each pennant has a different tie-dye spiral on it. Once your guests see this banner, they will start having fun right away. This banner is made of a all weather poly material and measures eleven (11) inches tall by twelve (12) feet long. The banner consists of twelve (12) pennants lined up to make one big banner.

Price: $2.99
Keep Calm & Toke Sign

Leave your stress behind when you walk through the door! This Keep Calm and Toke On sign is ideal for supplying a dorm room or apartment with a relaxed vibe. Both sides of this printed card stock sign are green with white lettering and feature a cannabis leaf. Measuring thirteen and a half (13 ½) inches wide by twenty and a quarter (20 ¼) inches tall, use tacks or tape to keep this sign up on your wall. Whether you're celebrating 420 or just relaxing away the stress of your day, this sign will certainly enhance a laid-back vibe.

Price: $2.99
4ct 1960's Street Sign 24"

You can really give your guests the feeling of the 60's with these retro street signs! The 60's Street Sign Cutouts are printed on the front and back and all read something completely different on the reverse side. These card stock cutouts measure four (4) inches by twenty four (24) inches and are printed with bright colors. The street signs are made of card stock and there are four (4) street signs in package total.

Price: $3.49
1960's Bus Centerpiece

Celebrate the 60's with the colorful 60's Bus Centerpiece printed both sides on card stock and measures nine and three quarters (9-3/4) inches wide by four and a quarter (4 1/4) inches height. Some Assembly Required and one Bus Centerpiece in package total. The bus has become a vehicle of the past but doesn't have to be when it comes to your decorations. The 60's Bus Centerpiece is decorated with hearts, flowers, sunshine's, and peace signs. The cool thing about the 60's Bus Centerpiece is that it can also be used as a party favor by feeling the inside of the bus with candy. (Candy not included)

Price: $3.49
6ct Flower Beads

Celebrate the start of spring by having an outside garden party to show all the beautiful flowers. Be a wonderful host to all of the guest by giving each of them Flower Beads for them to wear and enjoy. The Flower Beads also make a great party favor for a 60’s hippie party. The Flower Beads come in a package that contains six (6) individual necklaces total. The Flower Beads come in assorted colors of pink and turquoise. Each one of the little flowers on the Flower Beads has lots of detail to really resemble a daisy flower. In between each flower on the Flowers Beads is a small round bead of the same color as the necklace. The Flower Beads are very light weight making them very comfortable to wear. Each flower necklace measure thirty three (33) inches.

Price: $3.49
Glittered Weed Glasses

Celebrate 420 in style this year. Our Glittered Weed Glasses are green and there are cannabis leaves above the dark lenses. Also, just about everything is glittered! These fashionable glasses make a bold statement and give off the vibe that you are ready for the day's festivities. These novelty glasses are sure to be a hit at your upcoming celebration! Comes one (1) pair of glasses on tag total and one size fits most adults.

Price: $3.49
Weed Ice Mold

Show everyone your love for the cannabis plant by ordering this Weed Ice Mold. Just pour some water into the open plant-shaped holes on the ice mold and then put it in the freezer. After that, all you have to do is wait until they freeze and then you have ice cubes in the shape of cannabis leaves. The ice mold is made of a soft, flexible material and the mold will make eight ice cubes. You can also use this mold to make jello cannabis leaves. Comes one (1) Weed Ice Mold in package total.

Price: $3.49
4ct Retro Flower Cutouts

Decorate your groovy party in total style, by decorating your walls with the Retro Flower Cutouts. The Retro Flower Cutouts come with four (4) brightly colored cutouts each cutout is twelve 12 inches. The Retro Flower Cutouts can be hung using wall tape. The flower cutouts are made of card stock and are printed on both sides.

Price: $3.99
42ct Retro 60's Cutouts

These cutouts include large, medium and small peace signs, flowers and smiley faces printed both sides on card stock and sizes vary from two (2) inches to eleven (11) inches. Forty-two (42) cutouts in package total. Decorate your room with the Retro 60's cutouts and have a hippie room like no other. Your guests will enjoy the bright colors and tie-dye accents and will wish they had their own 60's themed room.

Price: $3.99
4ct 60's and 70's Cutouts

With these 60s and 70s Cutouts, you'll receive four (4) 60s and 70s Cutouts in package total, with a different scene. One is of a man and woman enjoying each others company and a nice meal. One is of a woman sitting on a brick wall strumming a guitar singing a song with a smile on her face. One is of a van printed with flowers, and with the words Flower Power, Peace Not War, and Groovin. The last is a sign that reads Give Peace A Chance! All of these signs are brightly colored, and printed on two sides of card stock. The cutouts range in size from ten (10) inches to sixteen (16) inches.

Price: $3.99
Light Up Doobie

The Light-Up Doobie measures six and a half (6 1/2) inches long and one (1) inch round. Made of plastic and coated with paper, simply push in the button to "light it up". Batteries are included and installed giving the doobie a life like red glow. NOTE: this is NOT a real doobie. One (1) in package total. Want to complete your Hippie costume but don't want to carry around the real thing; use the Light-Up Doobie.

Price: $3.99
4ct Hippie Mask

Package includes four (4) Hippie Masks total, measuring between 10 1/2 to 11 3/4 inches with an elastic string attached to each and printed one side on card stock material. They are a quick and easy party prop for your party. A 60's or 70's theme party wouldn't be complete without the Hippie Masks. Wear for pictures, laughs and to just make memories.

Price: $3.99
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