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Disco Ball Necklace Disco Ball Necklace

The Disco Beads with Medallion measure thirty six (36) inches and are made of lightweight plastic with a metallic silver finish and silver metallic disco ball shaped beads with disco ball medallion attached. This disco ball necklace is perfect for men or women. Throw on some disco dancing music and boogie all night while wearing this reflective Disco Bead with tiny silver ball medallion to really turn your everyday gear into far out disco attire. The Disco Ball Necklace with Disco Ball is a fun party favor to give to all the people that come to your disco 70's party.

Price: $2.29
70's Cutout 22" 70's Cutout 22"

Are you feeling a little Groovy? Use this '70's Cutout to help you reminisce the disco and flower child years. One (1) '70's Cutout comes in package total. It's printed on one side only, this cutout measures twenty two and a half (22 1/2) inches and made of card stock material. Pin or tape to your wall, office or doors to show everyone you're proud to be part of that era. Make sure to check out our other 70's themed party items and decorations.

Price: $2.79
8ct Disco Ball 9" Paper Plates 8ct Disco Ball 9" Paper Plates

Disco Ball Plates are decorated to look like a shiny mirror ball. Each paper plate is nine (9) inches wide, the perfect size for a meal or a slice of cake. The Disco Ball Plates come in a package of eight (8) plates total. Using the Disco Ball Plates will make you the star at the party. Have everything at your 70's Disco party coordinated right down to the Disco Ball Plates.

Price: $2.99
16ct Disco Lunch Napkins 16ct Disco Lunch Napkins

Disco Lunch Napkins are two-ply paper and they are printed on one side. Each lunch napkin opened measures (12.875) inches by (12.875) inches and each lunch napkin measures (6 1/2) inches by (6 1/2) inches of sixteen (16) napkins in package total. The Disco Lunch Napkins are made to look like a totally groovy dance floor. It has the bright colors of yellow, pink, green, light blue, and blue.

Price: $2.99
4ct Retro 70's Silhouettes 4ct Retro 70's Silhouettes

Retro 70's Silhouettes comes with four (4) neon cutouts printed both sides on card stock, each showing a different disco pose and measuring fourteen (14) inches. Four (4) silhouettes in package total. Yeah these Retro 70's Silhouettes were dancin' and singin' and movin' to the groovin' and will help inspire anyone who is having a hard time remember some of the signature moves of the 70's.

Price: $2.99
4ct 1970's Disco Street Sign 24" 4ct 1970's Disco Street Sign 24"

Throwing a 70's themed party? Well don't forget to add the Disco Street Sign Cutouts to your list of decorations. The package contains four (4) card stock cutouts total and each sign measures four (4) inches by twenty four (24) inches. The front and the back of each street sign read something completely different so you can pick which ones you want to display at your 70's party. With the cutouts reading things like "Disco Fever, Funky Town, Groovin and Boogie Blvd" your guest will be in the party mood.

Price: $3.49
4ct 60's and 70's Cutouts 4ct 60's and 70's Cutouts

With these 60s and 70s Cutouts, you'll receive four (4) 60s and 70s Cutouts in package total, with a different scene. One is of a man and woman enjoying each others company and a nice meal. One is of a woman sitting on a brick wall strumming a guitar singing a song with a smile on her face. One is of a van printed with flowers, and with the words Flower Power, Peace Not War, and Groovin. The last is a sign that reads Give Peace A Chance! All of these signs are brightly colored, and printed on two sides of card stock. The cutouts range in size from ten (10) inches to sixteen (16) inches.

Price: $3.99
4ct Hippie Mask 4ct Hippie Mask

Package includes four (4) Hippie Masks total, measuring between 10 1/2 to 11 3/4 inches with an elastic string attached to each and printed one side on card stock material. They are a quick and easy party prop for your party. A 60's or 70's theme party wouldn't be complete without the Hippie Masks. Wear for pictures, laughs and to just make memories.

Price: $3.99
1970's Disco Ball Centerpiece 1970's Disco Ball Centerpiece

Disco Ball Centerpiece printed card stock disco design on a mini disco floor base which measures nine (9) inches wide and the ball that is attached to the base measure five (5) inches tall. Card stock disco ball is tented to stand up on your table and measures thirteen (13) inches tall with silver, black, and gold metallic spray springs from the top. This Centerpiece is a far out table decoration for your disco party or 70's theme party. Your guests will flip over your 70's decorations when you combine this disco ball centerpiece with some other groovy decorations.

Price: $3.99
5ct Disco Ball Whirls 5ct Disco Ball Whirls

Disco Ball Whirls are metallic spiral being a different color with printed card stock Icons attached. Each whirl measures (40) inches and includes five (5) whirls total in package. Your guests will be impressed with your disco decorations and feel inspired to boogie on down. Hang these 70's disco themed whirls from your ceiling to add some 70's flare to your room. These metallic Disco Ball Whirls will shimmer, just like a normal disco ball, setting the right mood for your 70's disco theme event.

Price: $4.49
2ct Disco Silhouettes 2ct Disco Silhouettes

Play that funky music at your 70's Disco Party. These Disco Silhouettes will help inspire anyone who is having a hard time remember some of the signature moves of the 70's. The Disco Silhouettes are printed on both sides and measure thirty two and three quarter (32 3/4) inches and thirty six and a half (36 1/2) inches tall. Made of card stock material, they can easily be pinned or taped to walls. Make sure to check out our large variety of 70's and disco party supplies.

Price: $4.49
8-Bit Colorful Plastic Tablecover 8-Bit Colorful Plastic Tablecover

This brightly colorful 8-Bit Plastic Tablecover will be the first decorative aspect your guests see at your party and measures fifty four (54) inches by one hundred eight (108) inches. This 8-Bit Tablecover is perfect to decorate for Mardi Gras, rave theme parties, 8-bit video game theme and decade theme parties such as 60's, and 70's. You could hang this plastic tablecloth to the wall, for additional color to your party’s décor.

Price: $4.99
Disco Plastic Tablecover Disco Plastic Tablecover

This Disco tablecover is made of a thin white plastic material with a printed 70's disco floor design. The tablecover measures fifty-four (54) inches by one hundred and eight (108) inches. Make your table tops look like a groovin' colorful disco floor with this Disco Tablecover. It looks like it is all lit up! The colors you see on this Disco Tablecover are dynamite!

Price: $4.99
1970's Disco Ball Centerpiece 1970's Disco Ball Centerpiece

Can you dig it? A Disco Ball Cascade Centerpiece is a far out table decoration for your disco party or 70's theme party.Disco Ball Cascade Centerpiece comes one (1) in package total and measures eighteen (18) inches tall with easy assembly required. Disco Ball Cascade Centerpiece is a far out table decoration for your disco party or 70's theme party. Make sure to check out our 70's themed items and start planning your disco theme party now!

Price: $4.99
22ct Disco Silhouette 70's Props 22ct Disco Silhouette 70's Props

The Disco Silhouette's are printed on a thin clear plastic material that you can cut to fit your needs and package includes twenty two (22) total disco theme icons like the groovy man five (5) feet tall by thirty (30) inches wide, dancing queen five (5) feet tall by thirty (30) inches wide, word Boogie Fever: two and a half (2-1/2) feet long by four (4) inches tall, word -DISCO: one and a half (1-1/2) feet long by seven (7) inches tall, two large disco balls fourteen (14) inches and many more sparkling stars range in size from four to six(4-6) inches. All you have to do is cut out the shapes and either pin or tape them to your wall, or on top of the Disco Border and Disco Backdrop and you'll have a one of a kind Disco fever room. They work perfectly with the Disco Insta-Theme, or can be used on a regular solid color wall. Get ready to boogie with these disco silhouettes for a 70's party!

Price: $5.99
20ct 70's Disco Ball Cutouts 20ct 70's Disco Ball Cutouts

Boogie on down to the dance floor and get your groove on when you hang these Disco Ball Cutouts. Transform any bland wall into a dazzling retro party! The package comes with twenty (20) pieces total and has three different sized disco balls printed on double sided card stock material. The disco balls measure four (4) inches, twelve (12) inches and twenty four (24) inches.

Price: $5.99
Hippie Bus Photo Prop Hippie Bus Photo Prop

Make fun memories that will be around as long as this old bus has been. Have fun with this Hippie Bus Photo Prop at your 60's themed party. The Hippie Bus Photo Prop will sit on its on own on any flat surface. The groovy bus serves as a decoration in addition to being a photo prop. The Hippie Bus Photo Prop is printed onto one side of card stock, and measures thirty seven (37) inches wide by twenty five (25) inches tall.

Price: $6.99
1970's Disco Couple Photo Prop, 2-Sided 1970's Disco Couple Photo Prop, 2-Sided

Shoot for a photo finish with the Disco Couple Photo Prop. Stand this prop up for your next 70's party and snap the photo that will last a lifetime. Printed two sides on card stock with two different images. This photo prop measures thirty seven (37) inches by twenty five (25) inches. Make a lifetime photo opportunity with your personal picture using the prop as your theme or just for fun. All your guests will be waiting to take a picture with this wonderful photo prop.

Price: $6.99
Disco Floor Border Disco Floor Border

Trip up your room with this two (2) feet tall and thirty (30) feet wide Disco Floor Border to make it look like your room is surrounded by a Disco floor. Bright color dance floor patter is printed on thin plastic material that you can cut and fit to your specific needs. This Insta-Theme room border is part of the Disco Insta-Theme and is the best way to decorate for a Disco party. Your guests will be in awe of how much this border will get them in the mood to groove. Simply use tape or pins to hold this disco floor backdrop up on your walls and add the Disco Backdrop to complete the look.

Price: $9.99
Disco Backdrop 30ft Disco Backdrop 30ft

This giant wall decoration is thirty feet wide and will fill your room with lots of color and set the theme for your Disco Party. Your guests will be amazed by the transformation of your room and won't ever want to leave. Disco backdrop Measures four (4) feet high and thirty (30) feet long. Design is printed on a thin plastic sheet. Attach to walls with pins or tape and cut easily to the desired size that is needed. Decorate your theme party, garage, basement or any room to stand out with this awesome backdrop.

Price: $14.99