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Bedroom Bucks Coupons

Hand out these sex coupons and then prepare to deliver. For all acts, private and naughty. Includes 24 bedroom bucks. C02.

Price: $4.49
Lucky Sex Scratch Off Tickets

Win big with Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets. Every ticket is a winner. Scratch to reveal a sexy position or foreplay activity for the night. Set includes 8 Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets. BG.R146.

Price: $4.99
Sex! Scratch Off Tickets

See how lucky you can get with these scratch tickets! With the Sex Scratch Tickets everyone is sure to hit the jackpot! Includes 8 sex scratch tickets. BG.R145.

Price: $4.99
Sex! Coupons

Ten romantic SEX! Coupons to give to your lover whenever you're feeling generous and in the mood for hot sex! Each coupon offers a unique sexual position and offers sex position descriptions. Includes 20 Sex! coupons. BG.R137.

Price: $5.99
Checks For Lovers

When you wish to maintain a healthier balance in your love life account, present your lover with a check. Fill out a pink check if you are giving it to a woman, or a purple check if you are giving it to a man. On some days, it is necessary to maintain your balance by also filling out and submitting a deposit. Includes 25 checks for him, 25 checks for her, 5 deposit clips for him and 5 deposit slips for her. BG.R06.

Price: $8.99
Intimate Encounters: Romantic Recipes

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Spice up your relationship with a year of 52 recipe cards for romantic meals together. Many recipes include foods believed to be aphrodisiacs, such as strawberries, chilies, rosemary, and chocolate. Others help create meals that are visually stunning, aromatically romantic, and intimate to share. Includes Recipes for: 27 Sumptuous Suppers, 7 Aphrodisiac Appetizers, 8 Delectable Desserts, and 10 Savory Side Dishes. BG.R171.

Price: $12.99
Adult Massage Seductions

Learn the ways to intensify your intimacy with a variety of massage methods. Bring sensual spa experiences home with this erotic massage kit. The kit offers 24 ways to seduce your lover with tender and tantalizing massage techniques. Includes 1 massage candle that melts to create massage lotion, 1 spoon, 24 massage seduction cards, 1 warming heart massager, hepful massage seduction tips and kit instructions. Cards and rules are translated to English, Spanish, French and German. BG.R46.

Price: $19.99