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Happy Halloween Sign

The Happy Halloween Sign is bright, colorful, and will also work as a wall or hanging decoration and made to resemble a wooden sign, but is actually made of lightweight card stock with bright color printed on both sides so you can place them just about anywhere and nobody has to see a blank backside. Sign is printed in slimey green lettering with jack-o-lanterns and bats which measures twelve (12) inches by seventeen (17) inches. Get your house ready for Halloween with the Happy Halloween cutout sign. It's a perfect Halloween greeting for house guests when placed on your front door.

Price: $1.35
4ct Assorted Halloween Cutouts

Assorted Halloween Cutouts printed both sides of same design on card stock, measures 9.5 inches tall and come in a package that contains four assorted Halloween designs, sorry specific designs cannot be requested. The picture of the Halloween Cutouts you will see eight different designs, you will only receive four (4) designs. Enjoy decorating this Halloween with decorations that will remind you of Halloween decorations from your childhood. The Halloween Cutouts are vintage Halloween decorations that can be used for years to come.

Price: $1.65
10ct Mini Wacky Jack-O-Lantern Cutouts

These goofy Mini Wacky J-O-L Cutouts will surely bring a smile to your face for Halloween. You can hang them on the wall, ceiling or a door. Each one measures 4½ inches tall. They are made of cards stock material and printed on two sides. These cutouts will arrive to you as assorted designs. There are ten (10) Mini Wacky J-O-L Cutouts in package.

Price: $1.99
2ct Jointed Skeletons

Each of these Two Jointed Skeletons are printed one side on card-stock material and have joined arms and legs so you can put them into scary positions (or humorous positions) on your wall or have them greet your guests at the door. At twenty two (22) inches tall these Halloween cutouts are just a touch under two feet tall. Two (2) in package total. You get double the fun in this package of Two Jointed Skeletons, perfect for hanging on your wall for Halloween or a Pirate theme party.

Price: $2.50
Moaning Lisa Masterpiece

Moaning Lisa Masterpiece is printed one side on card stock to resemble the famous painting done by a famous artist only with a really strange and gross twist. Chunks of her forehead and chin are gouged out, and you can see her ribs, and her face is all scratched up and her eyes are just plain down creepy. This masterpiece measures twenty three (23) inches height by eighteen (18) inches width and a must have for your Halloween decorations. Hang it up on a wall or door. Spook your guests with the Moaning Lisa Masterpiece.

Price: $2.50
2ct Jointed Day of the Dead Skeletons

These Day of the Dead skeletons are celebrating Day of the Dead and are printed one side on cardstock with jointed limbs so you can reposition them. The bright, colorful design works perfectly for this authentic Mexican tradition of celebrating the dearly departed. Package contains one of each design of two (2) total in package and can be used to hang on your front door or create your own Day of the Dead altar. Each cutout is fourteen (14) inches tall. Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with the Jointed Day Of The Dead Skeletons.

Price: $2.75
Neighborhood Zombie Watch Sign

Neighborhood Zombie Watch Sign is printed one (1) side on card stock material and measures thirteen (13) inches by (17) inches. Create a creepy night in your neighborhood with this zombie watch sign. Hang up this sign for a spooky addition to theme decor around your home or party. Your Zombie supplies will come together easily when you include this creepy sign. Don't think this sign is only for Halloween? Throw a Zombie Themed Birthday or Host a Zombie Movie Night and have a Party! Combine more Zombie tableware and decorations to make this theme more gruesome. Comes one (1) sign in loose.

Price: $2.99
Halloween Character Cutouts 10ct

Get ready for Halloween this year with the Halloween Cutouts. Package of Halloween Cutouts comes with 10 spooky figures that include: a witch 11" x 8", slime creature 6 1/2" x 6", ghost 7 1/2" x 8 1/2", skeleton 8 1/2" x 9", mummy 7" x 6 1/2", black cat 9" x 7 1/2", wolf man 6 1/2" x 7", Frankenstein 6 1/2" x 6", zombie 7" x 5 1/2", and vampire 8 1/2" x 8". Pretty much every scary symbol of Halloween is represented in this assortment. Each cutout is printed both sides on card stock so they can be hung from ceilings or taped to walls.

Price: $2.99
Body Part Cutouts of 4 Count

Cutouts printed two sides on card stock of four (4) different designs that measures between twelve (12) inches to eighteen (18) inches. Each Body Part Cutout is printed with vivid coloring, on two sides and one side has glossy finish. Hang these on a wall or door in your main party room, also great to hang from the ceiling since they are printed both sides. The Body Part Cutouts contain a head of a women with a tragic ending, a bloody arm, severed foot, and a pair of eyes,ear and finger. Have everyone wondering what happened when they see this gruesome scene of blood body parts. The body part cutouts being showed here are the perfect decoration at your themed party to create a scary crime scene and make a mystery game throughout the house with our PSI theme! Not only is this a perfect decoration for Halloween, also great for a Zombie Themed Party, PSI Mystery Party, Horror Movie Party and Birthday Parties who love these kind of themes. Enhanced your party theme with our other bloody, horror or spooky decorations that we carry.Comes four (4) cutouts in package total.

Price: $2.99
Chalkboard Tombstone Cutout

Chalkboard Tombstone Cutout is printed both sides on card stock material that one side is chalkboard printed and the other has a RIP gravestone. Both sides can be personalized by chalk or permanent marker (not included) and measures thirteen in a half (13 1/2) inches wide by twenty one (21) inches tall. This theme cutout allows you to list a menu of food featured at the party, while being displayed in a creepy tombstone outline. The Chalkboard Tombstone Cutout is a versatile decoration that can be used in many places. This makes a perfect murder mystery party supply, when you write clues on this cutout. The tombstone cutout is a perfect decoration to use to decorate for a Halloween, Spooky or PSI Themed Parties! Include this chalkboard tombstone in your party supplies and you won't be disappointed! Check out all our other party supplies to enhance your decorations. Comes one (1) cutout loose.

Price: $2.99
10ct Halloween Character Cutouts

Get ready for the Halloween season by using these absolutely adorable Halloween Charater Cutouts on a wall, door, or bulletin board. You'll receive ten different Halloween Character Cutouts in package total. They are each made of cardstock material, and printed on two sides. This set includes a bat and full moon 3 1/2" x 5", a black cat with jack-o-lantern 4 1/2" x 5 1/2", a skeleton with jack-o-lantern 5 1/2" x 4", an old witch riding her broom over the full moon 5" x 6", a white ghost 9 1/2" x 6 1/2", a green frog 3 1/2" x 5", a green Frankenstein 9" x 8", a mummy9" x 6", a vampire 8" x 9", and a jack-o-lantern 10" x 11". Notice how each of these different Halloween Characters are smiling. They are happy the Halloween season is upon us!

Price: $2.99
Moon and Bat Cutouts of 4 Count

Cutouts printed two sides on card stock of four (4) different sizes or designs that includes one (1) Moon and three (3) Bats. The full moon measures measures fifteen (15) inches, one bat measures twelve (12) inches wide by four (4) inches tall, one bat measures nine (9) inches wide by seven (7) inches tall, and the last bat measures eight in a half (8 1/2) inches wide by three (3) inches tall. Hang these on a wall or door in your main party room, also great to hang from the ceiling since they are printed both sides. Don't think these decorations are only for Halloween? These decorations are perfect for any Gothic or Vampire lovers to throw them a special Birthday Party to make them enjoy the night, the darkness where we can do things that aren't acceptable in the light. Only a Vampire can Love you Forever, so check out all our party supplies to make your event a quenching thirst! Comes four (4) cutouts in package total.

Price: $2.99
10ct Halloween Silhouettes

Halloween Silhouettes made of card stock and black on both sides. Sizes range from 6 inches to 10 inches and includes ten (10) cutouts in package total. This set of ten Halloween Silhouettes will add a little bit of old-school Halloween charm to your decorating this fall. Lots of bats, ravens, and cats will fly, crawl, and lurk around your room. Since they are black on both sides you can use these Halloween silhouettes in windows, on a door or wall, or even attach a string and have them hanging over the heads of your guests.

Price: $2.99
Five Nights at Freddy's 35 Inch Freddy Jointed Cutout

Five Nights at Freddy's Jointed Cutout printed one side on card stock of one (1) Freddy that measures thirty five (35) inches. Features Freddy from a role playing video game that is jointed, so you are able to pose him in multiple ways. Add this cutout of Freddy to celebrate a different kind of birthday party. Decorate your room being a big fan of Freddy! Combine more Five Night at Freddy's Tableware and Decorations to make this Theme more Exciting! Comes one (1) jointed cutout in package total.

Price: $2.99
Spooky Street Signs of 4 Count

Spooky street sign cutouts are printed both sides on card stock of eight (8) different signs with phrases. Each sign measures twenty four (24) inches by four (4) inches with a different street printed on either side of four (4) total. Each sign displays a different spooky location. One side printed of Elm Street, Amityville, Crystal Lake, Translyvania and the other side printed of Spirit Lane, Haunted Highway, Bloody Blvd and Dungeon Drive. Where are we? Oh no, not there! Be sure to put a bit of fright into your party guests with these street sign cutouts. You won't go wrong with these signs. Check out our large selection of party supplies for your creepy themed event. Comes four (4) street sign cutouts in package total.

Price: $3.49
Jointed Scarecrow 38" tall

Jointed Scarecrow is made of card stock with bendable arms and legs. Size is thirty eight (38) inches tall and is decorated with all kinds of details like the white mouse looking out of his jacket pocket. The Jointed Scarecrow has arms and legs that can be posed different ways. The Jointed scarecrow is printed on one side of the decoration. Complete your Halloween decorating with this friendly looking Jointed Scarecrow decoration.

Price: $3.49
Jointed Mummy 41 Inches Tall

Jointed Mummy is made of card stock material, and appears to be wrapped in dirty linen. He is joined with metal fasteners so you can position his arms and legs. If you look close enough you can see the eyes, nose, and teeth to this Jointed Mummy. Freaky, huh? He looks like he just woke up from the dead. Printed one side and measures forty one (41) inches tall. Hang this Jointed Mummy on the wall or door. He will certainly give your guests the shivers at your next Halloween Party.

Price: $3.49
3-D Wall Torches With Flame of 2 Count

Wall torches printed both sides on card stock and measures approximately sixteen in a half (16 1/2) inches. You'll receive two (2) 3-D cutouts and folds flat for easy storage. It is really quite simple to install, and snaps right into place. The 3-D Wall Torch with Flame looks so real, everyone who sees it will have to take a second look or even touch it to realize that it is not. You can attach it to your walls, or hang a few through a doorway to give your area a dungeon or castle feel. You will be instantly taken back to the era of knights in shining armor. Hang this 3-D Wall Torch w/Flame in an entryway as a way to set the scene for your Halloween, Medieval, Video Game or Dungeon Themed Party. Create your own castle by using the different decorations that we have to offer. Comes two (2) torches in package total.

Price: $3.99
4ct Day of the Dead Masks

Package includes four masks of different Day of the Dead designs and masks measure 12 inches and printed on a cardstock material with an elastic band attached to hold the mask in place. The eye holes are cut out so you can see through the mask and your mouth is unobstructed under the mask. These colorful masks can be used for cutouts to decorate any room. These festive and colorful Day of the Dead Masks are a great way to show off and learn about a unique Mexican celebration.

Price: $3.99
3ct Scarecrow Cutouts

Cute Scarecrow Cutouts are designed to look like patchwork scarecrow figures stuffed with straw. Hang them on the wall or from the ceiling in a classroom, daycare, church, office, or at home. Printed both sides on cardstock 18 inches of three different designs. 3ct in package.

Price: $3.99
4ct Tombstone Cutouts 15 Inches Tall

Tombstone Cutouts printed both sides on cardstock of 8 different designs and four (4) in package total. Tombstone Cutout has a riddled name, and dates of birth and death. Flip each cutout over to reveal a catchy phrase on the back that will make everyone laugh. The Tombstone Cutouts come with four (4) Tombstones that are 15 inches tall and 10 inches wide. Each tombstone is decorated with a skull or wings and hour glass. The Tombstones are made to look aged and worn from all the years that they have endured.

Price: $3.99
4ct Halloween Road Sign Cutouts

Halloween Road Sign Cutouts come in a package that contains 4 cutouts total that are printed on card stock with a different design on the opposite side of each one. Eight (8) different designs. The cutouts contain a share the road, Ghoul zone, black cat xing, low flying bats, broom parking, dead end, Monster xing, and haunting ahead. Each road sign is 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Caution! Caution! Be aware of the creatures of the night especially on Halloween night. Alert everyone by hanging these Halloween Road Sign Cutouts.

Price: $3.99
4ct Skeleton Masks

Skeleton Masks measures ten and a half (10 1/2) inches with elastic band attach to each and printed one side on card stock. Four (4) assortment of skeleton masks total in package. This Halloween add this Skeleton Mask to your Halloween costume. This cheap supply makes it easier for you and your friends to dress alike. All you need to do is share these skeleton Masks! These Skeleton Masks could even be used as Halloween decorations. Hang them from the ceiling or attach them to the walls. The possibilities are endless!

Price: $3.99
3ct Day of the Dead Cutouts

Decorate your wall with this set of three Day of the Dead cutouts. Hang them on a door or wall to greet your guests to a Dia De Los Muertos event. Since they are printed on 2 sides you can attach a string and hang them from the ceiling. Each cutout is approximately 18 inches across and three (3) in package total. We also have a Day of the Dead Streamer that you can hang from the ceiling and a Day of the Dead door cover so set the theme.

Price: $3.99
4ct Retro Vintage Halloween Cutouts

Retro Vintage Halloween Cutouts printed both sides on card stock, measure 14 inches to 24 inches tall and package includes four individual cutouts total. The classic howling Halloween cat silhouette is a classic Halloween decoration that will have your guests smiling as they think back to the old Halloween decorations that were hanging in their house growing up. The old witch silhouette cutout, the toothy smiling jack-o-lantern, and the black cat on the moon cutout that you can use them in a window or attach a string to turn them into hanging Halloween decorations. Create a classic look this Halloween with a set of retro vintage looking Halloween Cutouts.

Price: $3.99
4ct Scary Jack-O-Lantern Cutouts

Scary Jack-O-Lantern Cutouts comes with four (4) pumpkins printed both sides on card stock with 2 different designs, so by hanging them up you could see both faces. Scary J-O-L Cutouts measures 16 inches tall so no one will miss them. Four (4) cutouts in package total of eight different faces. Decorate for Halloween by either hanging up and taping up these Scary J-O-L Cutouts from the ceilings or on the walls. They would look great if placed on the walls down near the floor boards so that they appear to be real, yet you do not have to deal with carving it or cleaning it up after Halloween is over.

Price: $3.99
Five Nights at Freddy's 20 inch Jointed Cutouts of 3 Count

Five Nights at Freddy's Jointed Cutouts printed one side on card stock of three (3) different Characters that each one measures approximately twenty (20) inches. Features Freddy, Bonnie and Chica from a role playing video game and each product is jointed, so you are able to pose them in multiple ways. Add these cutouts of these characters to celebrate a different kind of birthday party. Decorate your room with these cutouts being a big fan of the video game. Combine more Five Night at Freddy's Tableware and Decorations to make this Theme more Exciting! Comes three (3) jointed cutouts in package total.

Price: $3.99
Haunted House Cutouts of 2 Count

Create one huge Haunted House, or create two separate Haunted Houses with these cutouts. Cutouts are made of card stock material and are printed two sides. Each cutout measures twenty four and a half (24 1/2) Inches or create one haunted house over four (4) feet tall. Receive two (2) of these cutouts that are extremely detailed. You'll take notice to the skeletons, spiders, ghosts, rats, and black cats lurking about the Haunted House Cutouts. Hang these decorations on the wall or on a door. These hanging decorations will really set the scene for your Spooky Party. Halloween only comes once a year, but if you are a horror fan host a Movie Night and throw a spooky themed party, or an eerie birthday bash! Take a look at all our spooky themed party supplies we have to offer. Comes two (2) cutouts in package total.

Price: $4.99
Weathered Board Cutouts of 3 Count

Each cutout has a saying on the front and a plain, realistic weathered board on the reverse side. Each cutout is printed two (2) sides on card stock material and comes three (3) different words and colors. Each cutout measures thirty five and a half (35-1/2) Inches. Opposite side give the appearance of a printed board. Beware, Danger, Stay Out! These are what the Weathered Board Cutouts say, and they're sure to put a fright into all of your guests at your next Western, Spooky or Halloween theme party. The cutouts are a quick and easy way to turn any door or window into a spooky or warning entrance that is sure to get the attention of your guests. Check out all our other party supplies to enhance your theme. Comes three (3) cutouts in package total.

Price: $4.99
Tombstone and Zombie Cutouts of 2 Count

Cutouts printed two sides on card stock material and the grave measures twenty four (24) inches tall by sixteen (16) inches wide. The zombie measures nineteen (19) inches wide by twenty five (25) inches tall. Two (2) in package total. The tombstone has cracks and green vines growing around it, with tall grass growing at the base of the gray tombstone. The letters R.I.P. are at the top of the tombstone. The Zombie scene is a little more disgusting. His skin seems to be deteriorating. His fingernails are dirty, cracking, and just plain nasty! He doesn’t have a nose, but a worm is coming out the hole where his nose should be. He does seem to have all of his teeth. Spiders and bugs are crawling out of his crevices like at the top of his head, a fingernail or where he doesn’t have a finger. There is a full moon behind the zombie, with purple sky and stars. You can use the Jumbo Tombstone and Zombie together or you can use them separate. Host a Zombie Movie Night and have a Party! Combine more Zombie tableware and decorations to make this theme more creepy. Comes two (2) cutouts in package total.

Price: $4.99
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