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Black Hairy Stache

Black Hairy Mustache is self adhesive making it easy to stick to your face and measures five (5) inches long by three quarters (3/4) inches width to make it the right size. Made with fuzzy material. Whether you are having a birthday party, wedding or any other type of special event have a photo booth or someone taking pictures of you with the Black Hairy Mustache! This mustache sticks to your face, but don't worry it won't hurt to take it off! Get the mustache to make your costume accessory complete or use for your theme party!

Price: $1.29
Black Handlebar Hairy Mustache

This black handlebar hairy stache will certainly help you stand out in the crowd. Handlebar Hairy stache is self adhesive making it easy to stick to your face and measures five (5) inches long to make it the right size. Made with fuzzy material. But don't worry, it won't hurt to take off. Get the handlebar mustache to make your costume accessory complete or use for your theme party!

Price: $1.59
Zombie Toilet Paper Dispenser

Zombie Toilet Paper Dispenser measures sixteen in a half (16 1/2) inches by nine in a half (9 1/2) inches and made of card stock material printed one side. Fits on standard size dispenser. You wanna scare the pants of your guests? The Zombie Toilet Paper Dispenser is just what you're looking for. Simply unfold onto any standard toilet paper dispenser and run the toilet paper through the zombie's mouth. It's that simple. You wanna scare the pants of your guests? The Zombie Toilet Paper Dispenser is just what you're looking for. Are you a Zombie Lover? We'll host a Zombie Movie Night and throw a Party! Make sure to check out our variety of all our Zombie decorations for all your party needs. Comes one (1) piece loose.

Price: $1.99
This Is My Costume Halloween Button

This Is My Costume Halloween Button measures three and a half (3 1/2) inches and is a black metallic button with prismatic lettering with the words, THIS IS MY COSTUME which couldn't get much clearer than that! By wearing the This Is My Costume Halloween Button it will let everyone know not to ask you, What are you supposed to be dressed as this year? It will avoid the awkwardness of you having to say, This Is My Costume Halloween Button or I didn't feel like dressing up for Halloween. You could even hand these out as a party favor when you throw a Halloween Party, especially if you have a few people who haven't dressed up, and you know you will. Give them the This Is My Costume Halloween Button.

Price: $1.99
12ct Black Paper Party Bags

Black Paper Party Bags 12 Quantity. Size: 10 inches X 5.25 Inches.

Price: $1.99
Spooky Soiree Cellophane Bags of 12 Count

The Spooky Soiree Cellophane bags are the perfect goody bags for any themed party. Each package contains two (2) styles for a total of twelve (12) plastic bags. Six (6) are imprinted with Hemlock's Poison Design, and six (6) are imprinted with Howling Moon's Tonic Design. Each bag measures five (5) inches by eleven (11) inches. Fill these cellophane bags with candies or prizes to make the perfect party favors. Someone who loves Halloween that ONLY comes around once a year, do something special and throw them a surprise Birthday Party Anytime! Host a Spooky Movie Night Marathon and throw a party, using these bags. Check out all our Spooky, Vampire and Zombie decorations to enhance your Party Decor. Comes twelve (12) cellophane bags in package total.

Price: $1.99
Bloody Cellophane Bags of 12 Count

These Bloody Cellophane bags are the perfect goody bags for your Gothic or Vampire Themed Party. Each bag measures five (5) inches by eleven in a half (11 1/2) inches and comes twelve (12) total. Each bag is made of clear cellophane and printed with a blood splatter design. We're positive you'll enjoy handing out every type of treat in these gruesome cellophane bags. Don't think these bags are only for Halloween? These bags are perfect for any Gothic or Vampire lovers to throw them a special Birthday Party to quench their thirst! Check out all our tableware and decorations to make your theme party or event the bloodbath your guest are quenching for. Comes twelve (12) bags total in package.

Price: $1.99
Skull and Crossbones Bandana

Skull and Crossbones Bandana is made of polyester fabric that measures twenty two (22) inches by twenty two (22) inches and makes a great and simple party favor or add to enhance your pirate costume. You can tie it loosely around your neck, wear it as a headband, wear it as a headpiece, or use it as a handkerchief in case you need to blow your nose. Bandana can be used to decorate place settings at your event as well, along with decorating your walls and centerpieces. This skulls and crossbones bandana is cost effective enough that you could purchase one for each of your guests as a party favor. Comes one (1) bandana loose with tag.

Price: $2.29
10ct Skeleton Hand Treat Bags

These skeleton hand bags will be great to fill with party favors, candies, cookies or popcorn you want to pass out! They are sturdy plastic and come ten (10) in package total and includes twist ties. Each bag is printed two sides and measures nine and a half (9 1/2) inches wide by eleven (11) inches tall. Get these bags to send home a spooky favor with each kid! Skeleton Hand Treat Bags are a must for your Pirate or Halloween party!

Price: $2.50
Soft Touch Bunny Ears Headband

The Soft-Touch Bunny Ears are easy to use because they are attached to a standard size headband and made of soft fabric. Designed to fit standard adult head size. Simply just put them on your head and you'll instantly have an uncontrollable urge to hop around the room. Party headbands are the quick and easy way to get dressed up for a theme party like Alice in Wonderland. Sport these Soft-Touch Bunny Ears this Easter to show your Easter-bunny spirit, Dress up for an Easter Egg Hunt with these cute white bunny ears or these cute and inexpensive Bunny Ears are also a great accessory for putting together a bunny costume for Halloween parties. Comes One (1) Item On Hang Tag.

Price: $2.69
2ct Halloween Beads

Halloween Beads measures 36 inches, assorted solid color orange & black. Bat, Ghost & Pumpkin beads with round separator beads and two (2) in package total. Get in the Halloween spirit by decorating your outfits with these Halloween Beads. These beads would make great party favors or can be used as Halloween decorations. Wearing these beads (or using them as decorations) will definitely get you in the holiday spirit!

Price: $2.75
Spooky Spirit Leaf Bag

Spooky Spirit Leaf Bag is a great way to clean up all that autumn foliage on your lawn and surely spook your neighbors this Halloween. This scary decoration consists of a white 30 gallon plastic bag and a printed card stock ghost face. After cleaning up all the leaves on your lawn, put them in the bag and attach the ghost face to the top. The Spooky Spirit Leaf Bag really does look like a moaning and groaning ghost. Bag measures 35 inches by 27 inches and one (1) in package total.

Price: $2.79
Skulls Neck Tie

This Skull Neck Tie is black with different sizes of white skulls on this festive yet dressy tie all in one and made of 100% polyester. You will receive only One (1) skulls neck tie (Hat not included). When you want to dress up for your next Halloween party and don't want to wear a costume, this Skull Neck Tie is perfect for you. This Halloween apparel is a simple way to show you are in the holiday spirit. Comes one (1) skull tie in package total.

Price: $2.79
Blood Splatter Neck Tie

Blood Splatter Neck Tie is made of 100% white polyester fabric with realistic red blood splatters across the tie. The Blood Splatter Neck Tie fits a full size and measures 4 feet 3½ inches long and 2½ inches wide. Wear this Blood Splatter Neck Tie if you want to be gross, gory, disgusting, yuck for a Horror Party. What a gruesome way to dress up for Halloween. Comes one (1) Blood Splatter Neck Tie in package total.

Price: $2.79
Classic Black Bow Fashionable Headband

Get in the party mood by sporting a fashionable Black Bow Headband at your upcoming party. Regardless of the theme, this headband will be worth wearing. It's basically universal in the party realm, meaning it's applicable at any party. How many products have this kind of versatility? Exactly, not many! This headband will comfortably fit the average size head and it's a sophisticated headband everyone will love. Headband made of plastic covered with black fabric material and bow made of fabric material. Comes one (1) headband on hang tag. One size fits most.

Price: $2.79
Mad Scientist Invitations and Envelopes of 8 Count

Mad Scientist Invitations with Envelopes. Approximately invitation size is 4 inches by 5 inches. Includes eight (8) invitations and envelopes. These invites feature a chemistry tube, green slime, electric bolts, science logos design with YOU'RE INVITED in green and orange color. Send out these invitations for the upcoming Birthday Party! Also great for Halloween Parties! Plan ahead for your party to add decorations to make this theme fit with your agenda of a Mad Scientist Party, Halloween Theme or PSI Theme. Comes eight (8) invitations & envelopes total in package.

Price: $2.99
Bloody Gauze 24 Feet Long

Bloody Gauze measuring twenty four (24) feet long by three (3) inches wide, this medical gauze covered in fake blood is the perfect substitute for streamers. Hang it around your porch or hang it inside your home for the big scary party you're hosting! The Bloody Gauze doesn't just have to be used just for Halloween. Use it to prank a friend or family member! Add a little bit of gore to this year's Halloween costume with the Bloody Gauze! What better way to fool your friends into thinking that you're hurt? The Bloody Gauze can be used in any costume, especially zombie costumes! It can also be used to decorate your home. Not only is this a perfect costume accessory, you can use this as a decoration decor for a Zombie Themed Party, or Horror Movie Party, and Birthday Parties who love these kind of themes. Enhanced your party theme with our other bloody, horror or spooky decorations that we carry. Comes one (1) bloody gauze in package total.

Price: $2.99
5ct Bloody Fingers

Bloody Fingers are made of a flexible rubber material, and are painted to look like severed fingers. The end of the finger is painted white, with what is made to appear a bone is sticking out at the end and red paint is smeared across the fingers to look like blood. Each finger measure ranges 2 1/2 inches to 4 inches tall by 1 inch wide. These Bloody Fingers are for adults only, and would be ideal a Halloween party or a PSI party. Five (5) in package total. Give your party guests a finger! Any finger, like the pointer 3 1/2" x 1", the middle 4" x 1", the ring 3 3/4" x 1", pinkie 3" x 1" or thumb 2 1/2" x 1" with these Bloody Fingers. We have some more bloody gruesome products like the Bloody Wall Backdrop and Body Part Cutouts.

Price: $2.99
1ct Glittered Black Rose

Glittered Black Rose measures twenty five in a half (25 1/2) inches long, rose and petals made of artificial material and stem is made of plastic. Receive one rose (Picture is of multiple roses of red & purple tops and you will receive only ONE ROSE either red or purple top color that we have in stock) Start setting the mood for Halloween around your home with the Glittered Black Rose. This Glittered Black Rose can be used in your table decorations, set up in a haunted vase. With this Halloween accessory, your holiday decor will be better than ever with such a simple piece that makes a big impact on your theme. Even better, send out invitations with a black rose attached as a party favor that everyone will be intrigued to receive and want to know more about the occasion!

Price: $2.99
6ct Skull and Bone Beads

Skull and Bone Beads necklace includes spooky looking bones and skulls that are sure to creep your guests out a little. Made of plastic and measures thirty three (33) inches. Six (6) in package total. Show up at a Halloween party with lots of bony beads and everyone will want some for themselves. Great necklace for a Pirate or Halloween Party!

Price: $2.99
6ct Day of the Dead Skull & Bones Beads

Show some festive colors for your Day of the Dead celebrations by sporting these Day of the Dead Skull and Bone Beads. These Day of the Dead Skull and Bone Beads would be a great way to welcome your Day of the Dead party guests to your celebration. Package includes six assorted colors, with each beaded necklace each measuring 33 inches in length.

Price: $2.99
Devil Horns

Devil Horns made of soft metallic fabric material and attach to a headband. Design to fit most adult head sizes. Sorry, due to hygiene related concerns this item is non-refundable. Feeling devious? Show it by wearing these Devil Horns to your next Halloween bash. You can be devious without showing those horns. This is also perfect for a girls night out, bachelorette party, divorce party or simply anytime you feel like being naughty or mischievous.

Price: $2.99
Black Velour Fedora Hat

Black Velour Fedora is made of lightweight velour coated plastic then covered in a soft fuzzy material and measures from rim to rim twelve in three quarters (12 3/4) inches, inside measures twenty two (22) inches circumference. Hat measures eight in a half (8 1/2) inches across and four in a half (4 1/2) inches deep. Fits Full Head Size. This hat is perfect for stage performances or New Years celebrations. Great for Halloween, Hollywood, PSI and Theatrical Productions. Dress up as a gangster or go out for a night on the town with this Black Velour Fedora. Check out all the different themed hats we have to offer. Comes one (1) hat loose with tag.

Price: $2.99
Skull and Bones Ice Mold

Use this Skull & Bones Ice Mold to switch it up from normal ice cubes to Skull and Bone shaped ice that makes nine (9) cubes. Mold is made of plastic and dishwasher safe. Picture shows two, however you'll receive only one (1) ice mold. This party supply is definitely a conversation starter at your party and the guest will just love it. This Skull & Bones Ice Molds are great for punch bowls or just for ice buckets, for your guests drinks. Perfect for Spooky, Halloween and Pirate themed parties! Check out all our party supplies to complete your themed event. Comes one (1) ice mold in package total.

Price: $3.49
3ct Goody Ghoulies Favor Boxes

Goody Ghoulies Favor Boxes measure 5" x 3 1/4" of one (1) Mummy, One (1) Frankenstein and One (1) Pumpkin Head with easy assembly required. Three (3) in package total. Hosting a Halloween party? If you're providing Halloween party favors, put them in these Goody Ghoulies Favor Boxes. Great to fill with treats and use on your table as centerpieces.

Price: $3.49
Orange Nylon Witch Hat

Orange & Black Striped Nylon Witch Hat is the perfect accessory to your outfit! Make your Halloween costume a little extra frightening this year! One size fits most. Halloween is the best because all ages can have fun and dress in costume to celebrate the day.

Price: $3.49
Bat Beads Necklace

This beaded necklace includes three different shapes, a black bat, a medium orange beads, and tiny purple beads. Made of lightweight molded plastic and thirty six (36) inches long. Receive one strand of black bat beads. Wear these Halloween Bat Beads as part of your Halloween costume, or just wear them to school or to work to add a little extra flair to your outfit. Check out all of our Halloween bat decorations to create the ultimate Halloween bat theme for your home, office, or school.

Price: $3.49
1920's Light-Up Cigarette Holder

1920's Light-Up Cigarette Holder is plastic with battery already included in the cigarette and measures thirteen and a half (13 1/2) inches long. Not a real cigarette and battery operated. Simply rotate the filter to turn it off and on. One (1) in package total. Are you planning on being a flapper girl as your costume for a Theme Party or Halloween. This Light-Up Cigarette Holder would put the finishing touches on your costume. All you're friends will be fooled by this realistic looking prop.

Price: $3.49
Zombie Bite Party Sleeves

Zombie Bite Party Sleeves are made of 92% Nylon, 8% Polyester and measure nineteen (19) inches in length of 2 sleeves total that fits most. These gruesome sleeves give your arms a gory, disgusting and creepy look. Just slide the sleeves on up your arm and then take a look at your zombie self! You can get more than one wear out of each sleeve, but it's best suited for one time use. Great for a zombie theme party or birthday party. This is a great costume accessory item, just add some makeup and there's your costume. Check out all our gory party supplies we have to offer. Comes two (2) sleeves in package total.

Price: $3.99
Flying Bat Fanci-Frames

Frames are made of plastic and shades consisting of dark lenses built into a black bat shaped frame, these spectacles will give your guests a playful fright when your first greet them. Fits a full head size. With the wings spreading over the eyes and the head with fangs sticking out over the nose bridge, Flying Bat Fanci-Frames is an amusing party accessory that is a must have during your themed party. Make sure you entertain your guests with these novelty sunglasses as part of your costume. Have your guests going batty over your cool, new Flying Bat Fanci-Frames as part of your party accessory. Don't think these novelty glasses are only for Halloween? These glasses are perfect for any Gothic or Vampire lovers to throw them a special Birthday Party to make them go Batty! Check out all our tableware and decorations to make your theme party more special. Comes one (1) fanci-frames total on hang tag.

Price: $3.99
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