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Holy Night Confetti

Holy Night Confetti comes in a 1/2 ounce package. Size is 1/2 inch to 1 inch with smaller pieces too. Contains Christmas Trees and colored gift shapes.  Oh holy night, the stars are brightly shining. Allow this Holy Night Confetti to bring holiday cheer to your tables, and craft projects. The Holy Night Confetti consists of red, green, gold, and opalescent stars, almost like the star of Bethlehem. It is a seven point star! You can sprinkle this Holy Night Confetti in holiday cards, and in gift bags too! This Holy Night Confetti is made of a plastic metallic material.

Price: $1.95
Christmas Day Confetti

Christmas Day confetti. Comes in a 1/2 ounce package. Size: 1/2 inch to 1 inch with small pieces too. Contains Christmas Trees and Colored Gift Shapes. Have fun decorating for Christmas right down to the tables at the party. Use the Christmas Day Confetti to spread holiday cheer in every direction. The Christmas Day Confetti is a festive holiday decoration that can be used to decorate tables of any size.

Price: $1.95
Merry Christmas Fanci-Fetti Confetti

Merry Christmas Fanci-Fetti Confetti consists of a half an ounce of red and green Merry Christmas confetti in package. Infect others with your Christmas spirit by spreading Merry Christmas Fanci-Fetti over your dinner table or inside your Christmas cards.

Price: $1.95
1oz Fanci-Fetti Confetti Snowflakes

Snowflakes Fanci-Fetti Confetti package contains one ounce of metallic foil blue and silver snowflakes that should be enough to decorate about 4 to 6 guest tables. Each snowflake is approximately one inch. Add it to centerpieces to instantly add a wintry feel to any table. Even if there's no snow outside, snowflake confetti will put your party theme in the mood for winter.

Price: $1.95
1oz Opalescent Fanci-Feti Confetti Snowflakes

Sprinkle some metallic foil snow flurries onto your tables with Opalescent Fanci-Fetti Snowflakes. Cut from shiny metallic foil material and each snowflake measures approximately one inch. One ounce package. Sprinkle on table tops, gift bags or cards.

Price: $1.95
15ct Polyester Winter Snowflakes

These Winter Snowflakes are made of a white polyester material with a clear plastic backing to help hold its shape. The Winter Snowflakes can be spread out on a table for a winter festival or holiday decoration. The Winter Snowflakes come in two different sizes. One size snowflake measures three and a half inches, and another size is four and a half inches. You'll receive fifteen snowflakes per package.

Price: $2.45
Snowman Pop Over Centerpiece 10 Inches

Show how cool snowmen are with Snowman Pop-Over Centerpiece. This adorable 10 inch centerpiece will be great addition to your decorations to make your party the coolest place to be. Be the coolest host around with Snowman Pop-Over Centerpiece. Add this decoration and enhance any room for a complete holiday relaxing mood. Material of base is cardstock and tissue snowballs.

Price: $2.50
Elf Pop-Over Centerpiece

Christmas would not be complete without elves. Celebrate this holiday season by decorating your home or Christmas party with this Elf Pop-Over Centerpiece. Material: tissue and cardstock and measures 10 inches. This mischievous looking elf is a cute, fun table decoration that will guarantee to brighten your day as you gather around the dinner table with your family and friends. Let Elf Pop-Over Centerpiece be a part of this holiday’s decorating festivities.

Price: $2.50
3-D Christmas Tree Centerpiece

3-D Christmas Tree Centerpiece measures: 11-3/4" tall by 9-1/2" wide, printed (2) sides on cardstock and is decorated to look like a small version of a decorated Christmas tree and stands on its own after following the easy assembly instructions. Use as a standalone centerpiece or add a battery operated candle (not included) to add a soft glow. Great for Christmas dinner, or gatherings, decorating the living room or dining area with this centerpiece. Decorate your office, home, dorm, or business with this 3-D Christmas Tree Centerpiece.

Price: $2.75
3ct Christmas Favor Boxes or Centerpieces

Christmas Favor Boxes come in a package that contains three (3) favor boxes total. Printed two (2) sides on cardstock with different designs and each of the favor boxes is decorated to look like holiday wrapping paper with a red bow on top. Each of the favor boxes is decorated with two different patterns and can be used however you decide. Each box measures Three and three quarter (3-3/4) inches wide by five and three quarter (5-3/4) inches tall. We also have the Christmas Village Favor Boxes. Have fun gift wrapping this Christmas by using the Christmas Favor Boxes for small gifts. The Christmas Favor Boxes are the perfect size to fill and use as a table centerpiece.

Price: $2.99
2oz Non-Flammable Sparkling Snow

This fluffy white decor is made of non-flammable material and is sold with 2 ounces of glistening white snow in package. The Sparkling Snow looks great when used as a replacement for confetti on tables at Christmas parties or Christmas dinner. It also looks great when sprinkled over your Christmas tree branches or across your window pane or mantle. Fake snow is always a great decoration during the winter months.

Price: $2.99
Snowman Centerpiece 10 1/2 Inches Tall

Ten in a half Inch Tall Snowman Centerpiece would be great for a Winter social gathering or even during the Christmas season. His body is made of white tissue paper material, and his face, arms, scarf and candy cane is made of cardstock material. When the Snowman Centerpiece arrives to you all you need to do is open up his white tissue body, and set him out. This Snowman Centerpiece would make a great decoration to set out on a food table, or a guest table. He sits perfectly on his own. Take notice to the cute detail in the Snowman Centerpiece. He is holding a red and white striped candy cane, with green mittens. He has cute rosy red cheeks. A little blue bird sits on his black top hat. Even the blue bird is wearing a knit cap. Add this decoration and enhance any room for a complete holiday relaxing mood. Decorate your home, school, office or business and be complemented how beautiful the room is decorated.

Price: $2.99
Santa With Tissue Tree Centerpiece 11 Inches Height

Santa With Tissue Tree Centerpiece 11 Inches Height and printed both sides on cardstock with tissue tree. Use this Santa with Tissue Tree as a centerpiece to decorate for a Christmas party, or your very own home. Set it on a table, mantel, or on a food table.

Price: $2.99
Snow Blanket 32 inches x 40 inches

Non-Flammable Polyester Snow Blanket measures thirty-two inches by three feet and four inches so you know you have enough to cover the space you need. Craft a centerpiece, snow village or any decoration with this blanket and enhance any room for a complete holiday relaxing mood.

Price: $3.49
3ct Christmas Village Favor Boxes

Christmas Village Favor Boxes made of cardstock material these Christmas Villiage Favor Boxes can be used as a centerpiece or fill them up with Christmas goodies and give them away as gifts. You can use them in a group as pictured or separate. You'll receive three different favor boxes in package. One of the favor boxes is decorated as a Toy Shop Seven (7) Inches Tall by Four and a Half (4-1/2) Inches Wide by Two and a Half (2-1/2) Inches Deep, another favor box is decorated as Santa's House Six and a half (6-1/2) Inches Tall by Four and a Half (4-1/2) Inches Wide by Two and a Half (2-1/2) Inches Deep and Reindeer Stable favor box is decorated as a stable where the reindeer stay Seven and a quarter (7-1/4) Inches Tall by Four and a Half (4-1/2) Inches Wide by Two and a Half (2-1/2) Inches Deep. The Christmas Village Favor boxes have a fun, festive, and colorful design. There's even holes in them where the windows would be. So a small battery operated light sitting down inside would be very decorative too!

  • Favor Box Assembly Instructions: 1) Bend all creases to prepare box for assembly. 2) Fold in small bottom flaps and bring the larger sides up to form a box at the bottom. 3) Fold the sides in and insert tabs into slits. The small bends on either side of the tabs will lock them in place once they are pushed through the slits. You may have to fasten the tabs once they are in place with a piece of tape. 4) Bend the roof pieces in and secure with tab.
  • Price: $3.49
    Christmas Playmates Mini Centerpieces

    Christmas Playmates Mini set of four Christmas centerpieces includes four very popular Christmas themes. Each centerpiece is made of cardstock material and honeycomb tissue that will fold flat when not in use. This set includes a Christmas tree centerpiece, a snowman centerpiece, a Santa centerpiece and Santa's Elves get their own centerpiece. Four (4) in package total. Each centerpiece playmate is five inches tall and makes for a great Christmas table decoration.

    Price: $3.49
    Christmas Tree Cascade Centerpiece

    Christmas Tree Cascade Centerpiece is bursting with lots of green Christmas trees on red foil metallic cascades along with green metallic springs that gently move in the slightest breeze. With the included plastic base this item can be used as a centerpiece 18 inches tall for your Christmas dinner or purchase several of them to create a red and green theme for Christmas banquet table decorations. This metallic Christmas tree centerpiece will fill your table with cascading green trees and add some extra sparkle to your Christmas banquet table decorating.

    Price: $3.49
    4ct Igloo with Penguins Centerpiece

    Tabletop Igloo with Penguins Centerpiece. Each penguin is having fun out side of their igloo in their own special way. One penguin is ice skating. Another penguin is standing on his head, and the third penguin is getting ready to launch a snowball at one of his buddies. Includes a nine inch wide x four inch tall tissue Igloo and 3 four inch cardstock Penguins with tissue bottom centerpieces of 4 pieces total in package. Folds flat for easy storage, great to use time and time again. These Centerpieces will enhance any room for a WOW! effect. Decorate your home, school, office or business and be complemented how beautiful the room is decorated.

    Price: $3.99
    Christmas Gift Photo/Balloon Holder

    Christmas Gift Box Photo/Balloon Holder is a red with a green ribbon and bow. Size: Six (6) ounces, Each holder (without the wire) measures: Two and a half (2-1/2) inches tall by three (3) inches wide, Each holder (with the wire) measures: Five (5) inches tall by three (3) inches wide and material is Polystone. At the top of each gift is a wire that can be used to tie balloons too. The Christmas Gift Box Photo/Balloon Holder can also be used to display christmas cards or photos. Celebrate the Christmas season by decorating with the Christmas Gift Box Photo/Balloon Holder.

    Price: $3.99
    Snowflake Photo/Balloon Holder Centerpiece

    Create a winter wonderland by decorating with the Snowflake Photo/Balloon Holder. The Snowflake Photo/Balloon Holder is a wonderful decoration to use as a centerpiece. The Snowflake Photo/Balloon Holder can be used to display a photo or place card. Another use for the Snowflake Photo/Balloon Holder is to use it to tie Latex Balloons to holder. This piece is hand painted poly stone material, weighs approximately six ounces and over 5 inches tall. These are great on their own, but don't forget to check out the other decorations and accessories from our store!

    Price: $3.99
    Gold Star Photo/Balloon Holder

    The Gold Star Photo/Balloon Holder weighs six (6) ounces, measures three (3) inches tall, made of a poly stone material with gold finish and total height with the wire measures (5.5) inches tall. Decorate with this Gold Star Balloon Holder then after the party is over pass it to one of your guests as a party favor so they can use it. This versatile gold star is heavy enough to be used to hold balloons or you can put your photos in the wire.

    Price: $3.99
    2ct White Fringed Tisuue Mats

    These White Fringed Tissue Mats can be used for many occasions, especially if you're throwing a snow theme party.  This mat is constructed of tissue grass that is expandable so you can stretch it out to suit your needs.  Extremely lightweight, this white tissue mat can be used on top of tables, shelves or as part of a tabletop decoration or centerpiece. Made from tissue paper material and measures 15 inches x 30 inches of each mat. 2 in package total.

    Price: $3.99
    Snowflake Cascade Centerpiece 18 inches Tall

    The Snowflake Cascade Centerpiece is a free standing centerpiece that comes with a plastic base that easily attaches to the bottom. The centerpiece is made from metallic material, and has 4 different tiers that make a waterfall effect. Hanging down from the centerpiece are snowflakes that are made out of a shiny metallic material, creating a beautiful winter decoration. The Snowflake Cascade Centerpiece is 18 inches tall. This Centerpiece will enhance any room for a WOW! effect. Decorate your home, school, office or business and be complemented how beautiful the room is decorated.

    Price: $4.49
    Merry Christmas Gleam N Spray Centerpiece

    Merry Christmas Gleam N Spray Centerpiece has a gold metallic base with a red bow around the base, and red and green metallic sprays coming out of the base. The sprays have the phrase "Merry Christmas" attached. Once you receive the Merry Christmas Gleam N Spray Centerpiece all you need to do is simply spread the sprays out a bit to resemble the picture shown. Centerpiece measures eleven (11) inches.

    Price: $4.49
    Christmas Tree With Bells Centerpiece

    Christmas Tree Gleam N' Shape Centerpiece with Bells as a decoration on your banquet tables, food tables, or on a fireplace mantle for an easy Christmas decoration. There are real bells attached to the Christmas Tree Gleam N' Shape Centerpiece, and they jingle too! The centerpiece has a red metallic base with a green metallic garland. Christmas Tree Gleam N' Shape Centerpiece with Bells measures (11) inches.

    Price: $4.49
    Gold Glittered Star Centerpiece Or Hanging Decor

    The Gold Glittered Star Centerpiece is made out of glittered plastic. If you don't want the decoration use as a centerpiece it can also be hung. The 3-D Glittered Star Centerpiece is twelve (12) inches tall. Create a very fancy look to the centers of your tables at your party by adding this beautiful centerpiece. The centerpiece would go great with many different theme parties including a Hollywood, New Year’s, or Christmas themed party. Comes with one (1) star in package total.

    Price: $5.49
    Green Christmas Tree Centerpiece

    Green Christmas Tree Centerpiece measures 16 inches tall, comes with a plastic base and gold star attaches at top and green tinsel spiral wraps around a green metallic tube. This will make your table the center of attention at your Christmas celebration. Great for decorating small office spaces and dorm rooms, too. Anyplace you can't have a real tree or if you're decorating an area with limited space.

    Price: $5.99
    Gold Christmas Tree Centerpiece

    Accent your gold tableware and holiday decor by adding this Gold Christmas Tree Centerpiece. This Gold Christmas Tree Centerpiece is sure to catch your eye with its glimmering tinsel and vibrant metallic foil color. The Gold Christmas Tree Centerpiece is perfect for decorating dining tables, coffee tables, and any other flat tabletops that may need some added decorations. Package includes (1) Gold Christmas Tree Centerpiece measuring (16) inches tall.

    Price: $5.99
    Red Tinsel Fringe Garland

    Red Tinsel Fringe Garland. Size: 20 feet X 15 inches. Perfect For Tables and Walls!

    Price: $5.99
    Green Tinsel Fringe Garland

    Green Tinsel Fringe Garland. Size: 20 feet X 15 inches. Perfect For Tables and Walls!

    Price: $5.99
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