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30ct Green Cello Gift/Loot Bags

Forest Green Cello Gift/Loot Bags with Twist Ties of 30 Quantity. Size: 11.5 inches X 5 Inches.

Price: $1.79
30ct Red Cello Gift/Loot Bags

Ruby Red Cello Gift/Loot Bags with Twist Ties of 30 Quantity. Size: 11.5 inches X 5 Inches.

Price: $1.79
Santa Toilet Dispenser

Santa Toilet Paper Dispenser is made of cardstock material, printed on one side and fits on a standard size dispenser. Each dispenser measures 14 inches long and 11 inches wide. Don't forget to add the Santa Restroom Door Cover to your bathroom door.

Price: $1.95
Official Elf Lazer Etched Button

Official Elf Lazer Etched Button, which is a large, shiny, prismatic button with an elf hat and "Official Elf" lettering and measures 3 1/2 inches. You are officially a Christmas Elf when you wear this Official Elf Lazer Etched Button. Show everyone your holiday spirit in a simple way by accessorizing your outfit with this button.

Price: $1.99
Santa's Helper Lazer Etched Button

Santa's Helper Lazer Etched Button measures (3-1/2) inches wide. It is printed with "Santa's Helper" in large red lettering with criss-crossed candy canes at the top of the button. This Santa's Helper Lazer Etched Button is great to wear around the office or when you help Santa deliver some toys. One (1) per package.

Price: $1.99
Reindeer Whoopee Cushion

Reindeer Whoopee Cushion which measures 8 inches. Use this Christmas themed whoopee cushion at your Christmas event to get laughs from, friends, co-workers, and family of all ages. This red whoopee cushion has Santa passing gas and blaming it on the reindeer. In black on the whoopee cushion there is Santa with a present and The Reindeer Did It is printed on it. Use the Reindeer Did It Whoopee Cushion as the prefect gag gift at Christmas time!

Price: $1.99
Naughty or Nice Medallion Beads

Naughty Or Nice Medallion Beads have red plastic beads with a round plastic green medallion attached and measures thirty three (33) inches. The medallion has two different sides, one side has the saying "Nice"  in red lettering across the top with a wrapped present underneath the other side says "Naughty" with a lump of coal underneath it. Just remember to choose wisely if you are nice or naughty because no matter what Santa has his list that he checks twice if your naughty or nice.

Price: $2.25
Gold Glitz N Gleam Bow Tie

Gold Bow Tie is four (4) inches tall and seven (7) inches wide and includes an elastic band already attached. Bow Tie is made of fabric and gold metallic sequins. Can you tie a bow tie? Forget learning how to, just throw on this this Glitz N Gleam Sequined Bow Tie and you'll surely get everyone's attention at the next office party. This Glitz 'N Gleam Bow Ties can be worn as a novelty tie when you want to get noticed or as part of a costume accessory. Comes one (1) bow in package total.

Price: $2.50
Reindeer Neck Tie

Full Size Reindeer Neck Tie is red with a party of reindeer at the bottom of the tie. The reindeer are pictured with large grins on their faces with their nice white teeth showing and bright red noses shining. It is made of polyester material. The length of the Reindeer Neck Tie is 4 feet 3½ inches long and 2½ inches wide. (Red Christmas Hat not included and sold separate)

Price: $2.79
Holiday Lights Neck Tie

Holiday Lights Neck Tie with the Plush Santa Hat w/ Beard and Moustache. The Holiday Lights Neck Tie is made of a polyester material and fits a full size. It is red with green stripes and strands of festive holiday lights on the tie. The Holiday Lights Neck Tie measures 4 feet 3½ inches long and 2½ inches wide. Tie does not light up and is decorated on tie with holiday lights.

Price: $2.79
25ct Candy Cane & Holly Cello Bags

Candy Cane & Holly Cello Bags are made of plastic and come with 25 bags in package. Measures four (4) inches wide by nine (9) inches tall by two (2) inches deep. Get your kids involved to make holiday cookies or homemade candy, everyone loves homemade gifts especially the ones from the kitchen. Fill each bag with your tasty treats, tie a holiday ribbon around each bag to keep the bags sealed. The Candy Cane and Holly Cello Bags are already decorated to go with the holiday season. This would be a perfect gift for your child's teachers and bus driver.

Price: $2.79
Jingle Elf Hat

Jingle Elf Hat soft red and green felt, size- 22 1/2 inches tall including extending the bell upward and 23 inch circumference inside the hat. One size fits most. Throw on the Jingle Elf Hat and get to work helping Santa. The Jingle Elf Hat is a fun costume accessory to wear during the holiday season to be festive. The hat is red, and green and has a gold trim at the bottom. The top of the hat has a small gold bell attached, giving a little jingle with every step that you take. Be sure to complete your ensemble by also ordering the Elf Boots.

Price: $2.79
Elf Leprechaun Ears Headband

This Elf Ears Headband is a plastic headband, covered with velvet like material and felt elf ear attached on either side. Fits an adult size head. Dress up as an elf this year and show everyone that you are in the Christmas spirit. We can all look like Santa's little helpers with your very own Elf Ears Headband. Also great for Leprechaun ears for St. Patrick's Day or Halloween!

Price: $2.79
Santa Hat Hair Clip

The Santa Hat Hair Clip is a fun hair accessory that will fit any size head and stays securely in your hair with a bendable metal hair clip. Red plush Santa hat trimmed with white ostrich down, silver metallic strands and holly leaves with gold balls. It's lightweight and so comfortable you'll almost forget you're wearing it, until someone reminds you with a chuckle as you slip and slide down the street. Makes a perfect hair accessory if you are dressing up like Mrs. Claus this Christmas. Due to hygiene-related concerns, this item is non-refundable.

Price: $2.99
Light-Up Santa Hat

Light-Up Santa Hat has little red snowflakes around the white trim light up with 2 AA batteries (batteries not included) to bring an updated look to this classic Santa hat. One size fits most. Use this light up Christmas hat anytime you want to spread some Christmas spirit in the dark. Not only will it keep you warm but it will make you the focus around the holidays.

Price: $2.99
Soft Reindeer Antlers Headband

Soft-Touch Reindeer Antlers Headband of one size fits most. Brown plush-covered headband with attached plush reindeer antlers. These reindeer antlers are perfect for Christmas parades, holiday parties, or opening presents on Christmas morning. These reindeer antlers are easy to put on and very comfortable (they won't hurt your head as they are covered in a soft fuzzy material), you could even wear them all day when you Christmas shopping.

Price: $2.99
Reindeer Antler Hair Clips

Reindeer Antler Hair Clips set of is made from cloth material w/ faux fur accents of 2 total. Attached hair clips will keep them secured in your hair. These furry little antlers are a great addition to your next Christmas party outfit. They're simple to wear: just open the clip, slip them into your hair, and push down to secure them in place. Wear them to the office during the holidays to get a laugh from your co-workers or take them out shopping for Christmas presents to keep yourself in a cheerful holiday mood.

Price: $3.49
Red Velvet Santa Hat With Plush Trim

Red Velvet Santa Hat With Plush Trim It is designed to fit most adult head sizes (approximately 22-23 inches diameter), the soft material will keep you warm, but not too warm so you can't wear it indoors.  

Price: $3.49
White Party Beads of 12 Count

White Party Beads of each necklace measuring thirty three (33) inches and Twelve (12) total. Each bead measures seven and a half (7 1/2) mm and has a metallic finish on them which will add extra shine. Regardless of the occasion these Small Round Party Beads are the ultimate party favor to spoil your guests with. A perfect addition to any and all themed event or holidays, let your guests leave away with a these beads as a keepsake, a memory of the fantastic time you gave them. Comes twelve (12) on a hanger tags.

Price: $3.49
Glittered Reindeer Glasses

The Glittered Reindeer Glasses are black plastic frames that are decorated with gold glittered rims, brown antlers and a red nose. Fits full head size and glasses do not contain lenses. The Glittered Reindeer Glasses will be a big hit this Christmas with adults and children. The Glittered Reindeer Glasses are fun to wear as a costume accessory.

Price: $3.99
Glittered Santa Glasses

The Glittered Glasses are plastic glasses that are decorated with gold glittered frames. At the top of the left glasses rim is a mini red and white Santa hat. Under the Glittered Santa Glasses is a white felt beard finished with a red ball nose. Fits Full Head Size. Glittered Santa Glasses do not contain lenses. The Glittered Santa Glasses are fun to wear as a costume accessory for this year’s Christmas party. Have fun playing the role of Santa or one of his special helpers by wearing the Glittered Santa Glasses.

Price: $3.99
Santa Fanci-Frames Glasses

Complete your Santa Claus costume with these Santa Fanci-Frames Glasses. These Santa Fanci-Frames Glasses will make anyone look like good old St. Nick and some may even think you are the real Santa! These glasses are made of a gold wire frame with clear lenses. Make sure that you do not use these glasses for corrective purposes because they are only novelty glasses and will not help with vision.

Price: $3.99
Glittered Snowflake Boppers

Be the hit of the winter party wearing the Glittered Snowflake Boppers. Everyone will wish that they could be wearing these adorable Glittered Snowflake on top of their head. There is one headband per package and one size fits most heads. Glittered Plastic Snowflakes attached to snap on headband wrapped with white satin ribbon trimmed with white marabou feathers. These would also be great for Halloween if your were going as a Snow Queen.

Price: $3.99
Red Sequin Santa Hat

Red Sequin Santa Hat with faux fur trim and fits full head size (inside circumference approximately 22 inches) Inside has a green felt lining. Measures 18 inches tall by 11 1/2" wide.

Price: $3.99
Pink Velvet Santa Hat With Plush Trim

Pink Velvet Santa Hat with Plush Trim and fits adult head size (approximately 22-23 inches diameter), the soft material will keep you warm, but not too warm so you can't wear it indoors. The Pink Velvet Santa Hat W/ Plush Trim is a fun costume accessory to wear to this year’s Christmas parties. The Pink Velvet Santa Hat w/Plush Trim is a must have item for all of you ladies out there. The Pink Velvet Santa Hat w/Plush Trim is a darker shade of pink that has a white trim and white ball on the top of the hat. We also have the traditional Red Velvet Santa Hat with Plush Trim.

Price: $3.99
Santa's Helper Satin Sash

Santa's Helper Satin Sash Green Sash with Red Border and Red Print Outlined in White. Measures Thirty-three (33) Inches by Four (4) Inches. Receive one satin sash in package (does not include jacket or hat in picture). Present the best little helper with their very own Santa's Helper Satin Sash. This sash is great for families, breakfast with Santa events, or even Christmas parties.

Price: $4.49
Glittered Christmas Tree Glasses

Glittered Christmas Tree Fanci-Frame Glasses will have your co-workers and friends giggling with Holiday cheer and from your new glasses. Want to show off your Holiday spirit with a little humor and some sparkle? These are perfect for holiday parties and can be used as party favors or just to wear for the holiday season. They are for a Full Sized Head and the Lenses have 100% UV protection.

Price: $4.99
Blue Snow Boppers

Blue Snow Boppers have a plastic head band that is covered with a light blue fabric with two springs that are attached to the top of the head band. One spring has SN and the other says OW in glitterd lettering on fabric. Fits full head size. The Snow Bopper would be a fun accessory any time during the winter months.

Price: $5.49
Felt Elf Hat With Bells

This red and green Felt Elf Hat with Bells will make all of the noise of a tiny elf walking around Santa's workshop. The hat is made of red and green felt with jingle bells dangling from the corners of the hat's brim. This Felt Elf Hat w/Bells is a great substitution for the usual Santa Hat and will help you stand out from the crowd. Experience what it means to be Santa's helper with our Christmas-colored Elf Hats With Bells! Everyone will know you're in the holiday spirit with these jingling hats. One size fits most.

Price: $5.49
16 Inch Lil' Pal Plush Christmas Stocking

Lil' Pal Christmas Stocking is made of plush material and measures at sixteen (16) inches. Plush bear measures at six (6) inches and is tucked in his very own pocket; giving you plenty of room to add more precious gifts from the opening. So make sure to add Lil' Pal Christmas Stocking to your Christmas list this year. Be one of Santa’s helpers this holiday season, by purchasing your 2 in 1 gift! Comes one (1) Lil' Pal Christmas Stocking loose on hang tag.

Price: $5.99
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