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Magnifying Glass 9 Inches Long

Do your best Sherlock Holmes impression or give this Magnifying Glass to someone over the hill as a birthday gag gift. It's a fully-functioning, durable Magnifying Glass that measures nine (9) inches long total. Glass is four (4) inches in diameter and handle is five (5) inches and made of a very solid hard plastic material and weighs over 6 ounces. If you're attending a murder mystery party, make sure to bring this so that you don't miss any major clues! This Magnifying Glass is great for school, office or home to use everyday. Comes one (1) Magnifying Glass in package total.

Price: $2.79
12ct Box Colored Chalk

Boxed Chalk of 12 Boxes. Safe & Non-Toxic. Each box has 4 different chalk colors. Size: 3 inches each piece. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags or Prizes. Teacher Class Room Prizes, Incentives & Projects.

Price: $3.49
144ct Jumbo Assorted Colors Paper Clips

144ct Plastic Jumbo Assorted Colors Paper Clips. Size: 1/2" x 2". Great for classroom supplies, arts, crafts and keeping organize for the school year.

Price: $3.95
32ct Party Stick Mounting Tape

Party Stick Mounting Tape includes thirty-two (32) mounting tabs in package total, each tab measures half (1/2) inch by one (1) inch and these foam adhesive tabs holds approximately one (1) ounce of weight when properly applied to a smooth, clean surface. Decorating restrictions are no longer a problem because this Party Stick Mounting Tape removes easily and cleanly. These little foam adhesive tabs hold tightly where ordinary tape won't, so your decorations will stay secure until you are ready to remove them. Tabs remove cleanly without leaving unwanted residue behind. Use them on glass, cement, drywall and even finished wood. Party Stick Mounting Tabs are perfect for hanging cutouts, crepe streamers, balloons, thin plastic backdrops, thin plastic insta-theme and even the occasional banner. Just a few pieces of mounting tape works great on lightweight items, but for heavier or bigger size items, be sure to use more tabs.

Price: $3.99
8ct Party Stick Ceiling Hooks

Now you can decorate your walls and ceilings without worrying about costly wall damage due to sticky tapes and nails. Party Stick Ceiling Hooks will hold your tissue balls, tissue bells, banners, firework chandeliers, party canopies, tissue garland and so much more. These foam-backed, plastic hooks have a patented adhesive that holds tightly and removes easily without leaving unwanted residue. Each hook will hold up to approximately 1/8 pound of weight, each hook measures one (1) inch by one (1) inch and eight (8) hooks in package total. Adhesive sticks to most surfaces of drywall, finished wood and tile. Hang your decorations with confidence that they will stay secure until you are ready to remove them.

Price: $3.99
12ct Neon Badge Holders

Neon Badge Holders Assorted Colors of 12 Pieces. Size: 32 inches each piece with a clip. Just add a badge (not included). Great for event, convention or meeting.

Price: $4.79
100ct Paint Chip Name/Tag Labels

100ct Paint Chip Name/Tag Labels. Size: 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" each sticker on a roll. Include these paint chip name tags in your first day of school activities or use them for labeling school supplies in your classroom. They're a great way to get to know students quickly. They're also a perfect way to get children acquainted with the classroom when you label important areas and supplies. Cute and colorful, these labels really brighten up the room and build enthusiasm for learning!

Price: $4.99
12ct Ruler Assortment

12ct Plastic Ruler Assortment. Size: 12" x 1 1/8". Hand them out to students to use during lessons on measuring! Measures both inches and centimeters. Assortment may vary.

Price: $5.40
12ct Assortment Color Protractors

12ct Plastic Assortment Color Protractors. Hand them out to students to use during lessons on measuring! Each features a 6" ruler and measures angles up to 180 degrees.

Price: $6.45
24ct Paper Glitter Spiral Notepads

Paper Glitter Spiral Notepads Assortment (colors may Vary) of 24 Pieces. Size: 3" x 5" inches each piece and 30 paper pages per book. Great for Birthday Party Loot Bags or Prizes. Teacher Class Room Prizes, Incentives & Projects.

Price: $6.49
Smile Face Pencil Cases of 12 Count

Smile Face Vinyl Pencil Cases that features four (4) different color assortments of twelve (12) total and each measures approximately four (4) inches by seven in three quarters (7 3/4) inches. A must have for your birthday party for the perfect favors to put in each loot bag. Perfect for pens and other writing tools, these colorful smiling cases make excellent classroom party favors for students. too. Give these grinning vinyl pencil cases as gifts, favors, prizes or hand them out as classroom incentives. Comes twelve (12) pencil cases in package total.

Price: $8.99
16ct Large Binder Clips with Stickers

16ct Large Metal Binder Clips with Stickers. Includes 4 of each color and a sheet of stickers. Size: 2" x 3 1/2". These are great to stay organized for the school year.

Price: $9.75
12ct Take Home Pocket Folders

12ct Sturdy 2-pocket Take Home Paper Folders. Includes “Keep At Home” and “Bring It Back” sections on inside of folder with dates and signatures. Keep your students on track and organized with subjects and assignments with these handy school folders! Includes spaces to customize with your own permanent marker on the front. Red, yellow and blue folders. Size: 9 1/2" x 12".

Price: $9.99
12ct Homework Pocket Folders

12ct Laminated Paper Homework Pocket Folders of 4 Different Colors. Size: 9 1/2" x 12". These durable pocket folders with reinforced edges provide a place for students to hold their homework assignments. Teachers can use these classroom supplies for students to turn in their assignments, or to make sure that they bring their folders home with them.

Price: $9.99
Black Fancy Boa

Wrap a fancy Feather Boa around your neck for a spectacular party event. You could use it for a Gangster theme party or a classy Awards Night party. These Black Fancy Feather Boas are great for a school play or theatrical production too! The Black Fancy Feather Boa measures six (6) feet long, and is full of black fancy feathers. This boa would go great for a retro 1920's costume. Comes one (1) boa in package total.

Price: $9.99
Non-Woven Bright Customize Decorate Tote Bags of 12 Count

Bright Tote Bags made of non-woven polyester and comes in assorted solid colors of twelve (12) total. Each bag measures fifteen (15) inches by sixteen in three-quarter (16 3/4) inches with a twelve (12) inch handle. Customize totes by decorating them any way you want! Use them to carry books to school or the library, or to gather treasures at the beach. These colorful tote bags and cool carryalls are a practical addition to craft supplies, as people of all ages with enjoy customizing their own tote by adding embellishments and designs. Great for Birthday Parties, Events or Special Occasions to decorate towards your theme and put in each bag gifts or favors. Fabric paint sold separately. Comes twelve (12) solid color tote bags total in package.

Price: $11.99
50ct Clip Badge Holders

50ct Clip Badge Holders. An essential for conventions, meetings, parties and other gatherings, these badge holders work for a variety of events! Just place a name tag or card into each plastic holder and the metal clip will make it easy to wear.  Size: 3 3/4 inches

Price: $12.58