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Black And Gold Clings

Get ready for a Hollywood themed party anytime you want just by decorating with the Star Clings. Use the Star Clings to decorate windows and mirrors for a Hollywood/New Years party. The Star Clings come on a sheet that contains thirty six (36) black and gold stars. The stars on the sheet range in size from a star that is one (1) inch to a star that is six (6) inches. The Star Clings can be repositioned once they are placed.

Price: $1.85
Movie Set Stringer

. You will really set the scene at your next movie or awards themed party by decorating with the Movie Set Stringer. The stringer consist of clapboards, camcorders, and movie reels all essential items for a movie party. The Movie Set Stringer contains nine (9) icons that are strung together making a six and a half (6 1/2) foot decoration. Each icon is printed on two sides, with a black and white color pattern. This stringer comes to you completly assembled so you won't have to worry about putting anything together.

Price: $2.00
10 Count STAR Cutouts

If you're having a Hollywood themed party and looking for something extra to decorate your tables, place cards, coasters or even make a star stringer by connecting them all together, the possibilities are endless. Each measuring five (5) inches and they are printed on both sides of a card stock material. These cutouts would match perfect with our other Hollywood tableware. Comes ten (10) star cutouts in package total.

Price: $2.10
10ct Movie Set Cutouts

Lights! Camera! Action!! throwing a Hollywood themed party and looking for that something special for your table decorations or even additions to party favors. Look no further than the Mini Movie Set Cutouts if you are throwing a Hollywood themed party and looking for that something special for your table decorations or even wall decorations. These cutouts come ten (10) in package total, each measuring between four and a half (4 1/2) inches to five (5) inches in length. All cutouts are printed on both sides and made of a cardstock material.

Price: $2.10
Star Hand Prints Peel N Place

You know you're a real star when you've been recognized in cement. So what better way to show off your fame then with a Star Handprint Peel N Place. This is great for Hollywood themed parties, proms, awards night, or anytime it would be fun to recognize somebody special. These handprints can even be personalized with a permanent marker, because you can't have yourself immortalized in cement without signing your name! This peel n place measure twelve (12) inches by fifteen (15) inches.

Price: $2.50
Star Peel N Place

The Star Peel-N-Plac can be used for so many different party themes, not to mention that it looks beutiful. If you are hosting any kind of Hollywood or awards theme party, prom theme, or event you need to pick up some of these to decorate your house to match your party theme. For an extra special touch write in guests names on the star with a permanent marker so they feel like a real superstar. They can be used on the floor, walls, window, or anywhere you can find a smooth flat surface. Each decal measures eleven and one fourth (11-1/4) inches by eleven and a half (11-1/2) inches.

Price: $2.50
3ct Lights, Camera, Action Cutouts

The Lights, Camera, Action Cutouts measure twenty two (22) inches tall by six (6) inches wide printed both sides on a card stock material making this set a perfect fit for decorating a wall or hanging from the ceiling. Package includes three (3) cutouts total. These Lights, Camera, Action Cutouts are sure to make your party pop for your Hollywood or Awards Night theme party. Combine these cutouts with other decorations to create a movie theme right in your very own home.

Price: $2.99
Sign Cutouts New York City

Bring a little bit of Broadway to your next party with a set of NYC Street Sign Cutouts. It's easy to recreate the streets of New York when you have authentic-looking New York street signs. Hang them on your walls during a Broadway themed party or use them when you're teaching a school lesson about New York City. Each cutout measures four (4) inches tall by twenty-four (24) inches long. Made from cardstock material and printed on two (2) sides. The package includes (4) cutouts total.

Price: $3.49
4ct Hollywood Street Sign 24"

Dress up your room with this set of four Hollywood Street Sign Cutouts. Perfect for a movie night or Hollywood theme party. The Hollywood Street Signs measures four (4) inches height by twenty four (24) inches length. Printed on two sides with different designs on a light card stock. Comes 4 cutouts in package total.

Price: $3.49
4ct Neon Food Sign Cutouts

Create a night of magic and movies with authentic-looking Neon Food Sign Cutouts. Hang them behind the food tables at your 50's themed party. For a fun and fabulous girls-only sleepover, plan a movie night with the Neon Food Sign Cutouts stuck to the kitchen door so everyone will know where to find the yummy munchies. These cutouts are printed on both sides, made of a card stock material and measure nineteen and a half (19-1/2) inches. Four (4) cutouts in package total.

Price: $3.99
Comedy & Tragedy Face

We laugh, we cry, it's all just a part of life, the Comedy and Tragedy Faces are no greater representation of the ups and downs that we all experience. The Comedy and Tragedy aces are a great decoration for theater themed parties. This wall decoration is molded out of plastic and measures twenty one (21) inches tall. Only one (1) mask is included and specific colors cannot be requested.

Price: $3.99
4ct Movie Set Cutouts

Get ready for a Hollywood party by decorating with the Movie Set Cutouts. The Movie Set Cutouts come four (4) in package total. The cutouts include a movie reel, clapboard, production light, and camcorder. The Movie Set Cutouts are cool decorations that can be used to decorate for a celebrities party. Each of the Movie Set Cutouts are printed double sided on a card stock material.

Price: $3.99
3ct Movie Night Cutouts

These Movie Night Cutouts are great when decorating for your very own movie night. They are also great if you want to decorate your business with retro movie signs that will bring back good memories. Hang them on walls using tape or pins. These cutouts are printed on two (2) side of a card stock material and each cutout measures eighteen (18) inches in length.

Price: $3.99
5 Count Star Whirls

Turn a room into a VIP event by decorating with the Awards Night Star Whirls. The Awards Night Star Whirls are the perfect decoration for all of you celebrities out there. Each whirl has a pink award star attached at the bottom. The Award Night Star is printed on two sides so it can be seen in any direction. Each whirl measures thirty seven (37) inches in total. The Awards Night Star whirls comes five (5) whirls in package total.

Price: $4.49
Fun Signs Awards Night

Make your Hollywood party memorable for your guests with the Awards Night Glittered Photo Fun Signs, all your guests will be taking pictures with these props all night long. All signs are printed on two sides of cardstock material. Four (4) prop sticks are also included to change the visual effect of these fun props. These photo props range in size from five and a half (5-1/2) inches to eleven (11) inches. Comes thirteen (13) photo props in package total.

Price: $4.99
6 Count Black And Gold Cutouts

You'll love these Black and Gold Glittered Star Cutouts! Decorate for New Years Eve, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Awards parties, or Hollywood themed Parties with the Glittered Star Cutouts. Have your party dazzling in seconds with this quick and easy party decorations; just tape these cutouts to doors, walls, and windows to add instant decoration. Remove the tape and pack these decorations up to use again next year! Two Stars Measuring five (5) Inches, Two Stars Measuring nine (9) Inches and Two Stars Measuring twelve (12) Inches. Six (6) Stars in Package total.

Price: $6.49
Awards Night Female Statuette Cutout

The Awards Night Female Statuette Cutout measures five and a half (5 1/2) feet tall made of card stock and can be taped or pined to any wall or backdrop. This item is NOT free standing. Give your Hollywood party guests a night to remember with the Awards Night Female Statuette. Hosting an awards celebration for your most deserving women in your life; the Jointed Awards Night Female Statuette cutout is a must have. We also have a gold man statuette.

Price: $6.99
Male Statuette Awards Night

If you are looking for an awards night party idea, start with this Awards Night Male Statuette. This awards night trophy is the perfect party gift or centerpiece for a Hollywood party. Set them out as a party favor for each guest or use them to hand out as an award to a select few. The trophy is made of plastic with a nice gold finish so it looks great without costing you an arm and a leg. The Awards Night Male Statuette stands at nine (9) inches tall and has a star shaped base so that the statuette stands up on its own.

Price: $6.99
Awards Night Male Statuette Cutout

The Awards Night Male Statuette Cutout is five and a half (5-1/2) feet tall made of card stock and can be taped or pined to any wall or one of our backdrops. This item is NOT free standing it must be hung. Give your Hollywood party guests a party favor with the Awards Night Male Statuette to remember your party. Hosting an awards celebration for your most deserving person in your club or organization; the Jointed Awards Night Male Statuette cutout is a must have.

Price: $6.99
Star Column 6 Count

Set the scene and add a 3-dimensional aspect to your next Hollywood or Awards Night party with this tall and beautiful Star Column. The boxes are completely made of card stock material. You'll assemble all of the boxes, and then have someone help you carefully, stack the boxes one on top of the other creating this eye catching tower. You could buy multiple columns and use them to create an aisle, entryway or use the Star Column to block off a certain area. This star column measures twelve (12) inches wide by fifty seven (57) inches long when fully assembled.

Price: $12.99
Inflatable Awards Night Statue

Make the entrance to your party one to remember by standing this awards night statue next to the door! This Inflatable Movie Buff Statue is sure to be a hit at your next Hollywood theme party or red carpet event. Once the Inflatable Movie Buff Statue is inflated it will measure four (4) feet seven (7) inches tall and twelve (12) inches wide. This party decoration is made to look the golden statue we all know and love. Comes one (1) inflatable statue in package total.

Price: $16.99